Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ruth McClung vs Raul Grijalva

It's the debate we have all been waiting for. Let's make sure to pack the room in support of Ruth.

Here are the event details:

Date: Wednesday October 13, 2010

Time: 5 p.m. In order to get a seat make sure you arrive early,

Location: Pima Community College Desert Vista Campus 5901 S Calle Santa Cruz

And just in case you haven't seen it here is a link to a video of Ruth McClung at the October 9th Tea Party.

Victory on November 2nd!


  1. JamesOct 11, 2010 02:59 PM
    Today in Politico, There is a followup regarding Rep. Raul Grijalva vulnerable District 7 race. Please note that challenger Ruth McClung, according to Sen. Gray is within 2 points in latest polls

    Quote below;

    State Senator Chuck Gray
    Majority Leader, Arizona State Senate (R) :

    "Most of us in Arizona considered Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) to be a lock for reelection due to the nearly 2 to 1 registration advantage of Democrats over Republicans in Arizona’s 7th Congressional district. Over 50% of the residents in the district are Hispanic, as is Grijalva. Challenger Ruth McClung was thought to be less than a long shot.

    But Grijalva seemed to overlook that his district wants jobs and loves Arizona. They want their representative to embrace those same values. Grijalva’s request to boycott his own state reeked of political pandering while hurting economically the very people who elected him.

    Grijalva’s district shares 300 miles of border with Mexico. The problems of an unsecured border affect his citizens just as they do the rest of Arizona. His call for a boycott has backfired and obviously does not reflect the wishes of Arizonans in his district. Ruth McClung is now within 2 points of Grijalva and he has never been more worried. I predict an upset that will send several messages to D.C.: We love our state; don’t send away jobs; and the border still needs to be secured. The question is, will the voters boycott Grijalva?"

    heres the link..
  2. JamesOct 14, 2010 05:58 AM
    I read that a recording of the McClung-Grijalva debate was to be made available to the public. I have searched online but not able to find it...does anyone know where it is posted?