Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fast and Furious Recap

If you missed last night's TTP Town Hall, here is a few links to recap the event.

Katie Pavlich from townhall.com



FOX 11 News

* The Arizona Daily Star emailed us and said they couldn't show up. Not that we needed a reminder, but we are now very aware that they are no longer interested in reporting legitimate news that affects this community.

Our work is not done. Last night our brave "whistle blower" ATF Agent Cefalu said that if we the people cannot have the Congress we elected hold those who mishandled this operation accountable then there is no point to government. We need to forward this email and make sure that all of those we come into contact with know about this scandal and the deaths and destruction left in it's wake.

Thank you Representative Gosar for attending and speaking last night, but please take our message to the rest of the Oversight Committee in Washington and tell them that this "operation" (scandal) needs to be completely investigated and accountability needs to be dealt out in strong doses to those responsible.

Thank you to Sheriff Paul Babeu and Agent Cefalu for your insight, courage and continued service to our country.

Remember that a government is only as the strong or effective as the people it governs. We hope you remain strong and mobilize in your communities and neighborhoods to lift and work where you are needed.


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