Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Occupy" Tucson? We ARE Tucson!

Over the past few weeks many of us have watched with bemused interest the Wall Street "occupation" and have shaken our heads at the sense of entitlement, logical incoherence, and in some cases, the outright racism coming from it's attendees. You can visit to see an example of this poor behavior on display. It has been obvious that the media microscope used to examine the hundreds of thousands of Tea Party participants nationwide has been placed in the closet when it comes to these two thousand "occupiers."

On October 15th Tucson will see our very own "Occupy Tucson" protest. The groups location for the protest, for some inexplicable reason, will be at the base of the Pancho Villa statue downtown. Nice imagery considering Pancho Villa has become legendary for many things, one of them being his brutality that left a swath of destruction and death on America's borders due to his raids.

Many have emailed or contacted TTP to suggest a counter protest. We think that would be a mistake. Tucson is home to all of us and our families. We don't "occupy" this city, as they intend to do, we live here and ARE active members of the greater Tucson area. The word "occupy" evokes images of hostility and militaristic suppression by outsiders. We ARE Tucson.

This does not mean we plan to sit by and do nothing. We plan to spend October 15th very busily engaged or to remain "occupied" by and for good things in OUR town. We are serious about this and urge you to participate in this silent, but much more effective "occupation". Not only will it send the right message to our community, it will benefit our friends and neighbors. We have made a post on the blog and would love it if you have any ideas or suggestions for "occupations" to post them there.

Here are a few ways we suggest you spend your time actively engaged or "occupied" in Tucson on the 15th:

1. Simply wear your TTP shirt all day. Wear it to Tucson Meet Yourself and support the small groups and organizations at that event. Several hundred people identifying themselves with our movement but acting normally will provide a nice contrast to the circus of the "occupy" movement.

2. Volunteer your time for the City Council Candidates. Let's face it, for far too long Tucson has already been "occupied" by those who seek to mire it in scandal and financial ruin. Go walk for a candidate or make calls. It's easy, really and needs to be done. For some volunteer options call Greg at Pima County GOP Headquarters at 321-1492.

3. Volunteer your time for a church or youth organization.

4. Pick up trash with your family in your neighborhood.

5. Volunteer at the Community Food Bank or do a collection for canned goods in your neighborhood with your family.

6. Tell us your suggestions at

This is our home and we refuse to be forced to only "occupy" it. WE ARE TUCSON and will continue to remain politically active in order to make sure that all of our voices are heard!


  1. JonOct 13, 2011 11:00 AM
    Have you actually BEEN to one of the protests? Have you heard from the protesters what they are protesting about?

    You certainly bad-mouth these people a lot, but so does FOX and CNN, so I'm not surprised that you adopted their opinions.

    I urge you to attend one of the Occupy movements and just listen to what everyone has to say. You may be surprised to find that you're on the same side.

    Take your blinders off, educate yourself, and educate people around you. Thanks.
  2. JonOct 13, 2011 11:06 AM
    Oh, and the word "Occupy" is not meant to instill hostile intent. Occupy is meant to say that the protesters will not leave until they have been heard and real changes have been made.

    Calm yourselves down, take the time to listen.
  3. UnknownNov 17, 2011 09:03 AM
    Hi Trent and all Tea Partiers.

    I have been a supporter of the Tucson Tea Party since it's inception. I have donated money, attended rallies and frankly, was really excited at first since I knew our country was in trouble.

    Your characterzation on the Occupy movement is woefully flawed. I was recently asked to do "Teach Ins" for the occupiers and I have found it's nothing as you would have fellow TTP's believe.

    Many of the occupiers are highly educated with advanced degrees. I have seen grandmothers, college students, working people and yes, the homeless at the park. A true cross section of our community. I have heard stories from the homeless, who just a few short years were respectable middle class workers contributing to our economy.

    My son, has applied and interviewed for over 80 positions to no avail. He went to U of A on an academic scholarship and he is now looking to wait tables at anyplace that will hire him. He is one of the lucky ones... most of his friends have huge student loans which they cannot afford to make payments.

    I have seen numerous Tea Partiers at the park. Some are dismayed that the Tea Party has become usurped by the establishment Republican Party to become effectively an extension of the Status Quo. I happen to agree.

    Have you noticed that enthusiasum has waned for our local movement? Take heed to my words above because it is at the heart of the drooping support you are seeing for the TTP.

    The Federal Reserve Board is at the epicenter of our financial crisis. The teach-ins I am doing highlight that fact so the movement can become focused.

    Trent, instead of need to reach out to them and find common ground

    Like the Tea Party movement at it's inception, there has been alot of ugly press and derision heaped on the occupiers. We need to only look around the globe and realize that what we see happening abroad is now just starting to happen here.

    In closing, TTP'ers, please support Ron Paul. he is the only candidate that has predicted the crash and has the knowledge and understanding to help this country. His time has come.