Friday, August 24, 2012

You're Invited to a Conservative "Car-A-Van" !

Your Tucson Tea Party would like to invite you to participate in an event on Saturday September 22nd.

You have been accustomed to attending large, free, rally's sponsored by the Tucson Tea Party. We have been blessed in the past to be able to present to you well known speakers at stadium style events and allow you a chance to let your conservative voice be heard in a loud and positive way. Well,

that's just not going to work for us this fall, for two reasons.

-Speaker fees are at a premium this summer, given this unique political season. Nationally known speakers who in the past were willing to speak at our events for the price of an airline ticket, a hotel room, and a chance to sell some books, are asking for speaking fees in many thousands of dollars. Your past generous donations allow us to host free events. However, the costs are too great this year to put on the type of event you have come to expect from us. Even some of the lesser known conservative authors are asking for significant speaking fees. This would not be a wise use of your donated dollars.

-While our stadium style events allow us to bring together 1200-3000 in a fellowship of conservatives, local media, outside of our two favorite talk radio stations, has avoided sharing news of our events with the general public. We only see ourselves.

So we had an idea.........................and we need your help and participation.

Imagine 1000 flag waving, sign waving, honking, cars, trucks, and motorcycle's in a caravan of conservatives, transiting the streets of Pima County on a Saturday showing our community that we are opposed to the Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Kirkpatrick/Grijalva/Barber/Rodgers "Spending Your Money till You're Broke" agenda. We are taking our Tucson Tea Party "on the road"!!!!

We would like you invite you to join us and a thousand other Tea Party activists to a caravan on Saturday September 22nd 11:00 am till 3:00 pm. Get your car's and trucks washed! Get your flags ready. Get your signs out. Get those red Tee-Shirts on. We will meet at a common location and travel thru our southern Arizona/Pima County community, with stops along the way. At each stop, we're gonna make some noise, listen to some local speakers, and show our neighbors who we are and what we represent. We are going to caravan and stop in CD 1, CD 2, and CD 3 and end up at a common location to close out our event. Participation ribbons will be awarded at each stop along the way. We will judge and award street legal vehicles in several categories.

We are also inviting your creative suggestions for route stops. Locations will need to have large parking lots, access to beverages, and/or, food, and will need to be in visible public locations. We have already resolved start and finish locations, but invite your assistance at determining our stops along the way.

You, our Tucson Tea Party brothers and sisters, have never let us down. We hope you will consider attending. Bring your friends. Let's show our Pima County neighbors the strength of our numbers and the truth of our message of conservative values.

Stay tuned for details.............Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 22nd. 11:00 am-3:00 pm.

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