Monday, May 14, 2012

Keep Saturday, July 14th open on your calendar! Your Tucson Tea Party is planning a wonderful event that will serve as a kickoff to the fall primary and run up to the general election. You can expect our traditional lineup of exciting guest speakers. To add some variety,  we are planning to introduce a bit of wholesome competition for our member groups and candidates, and benefit a local charity as part of our event. Consider this a teaser! Stay tuned.

Additionally, we can use your help putting up some signs that speak to the importance of the CD-8 special election. Our local friends at PAC-PAC have printed a number of signs that need to be put out this weekend, beginning Friday May 18th. 

If you would be willing to volunteer to put up three or more signs, in high traffic area's, this weekend and would also be willing to maintain the signs in an upright position, over the next several weeks, please contact us at

And, as always, your kind donations are greatly appreciated as we prepare for our July 14th event. We will update you with specific information as we get closer to the event date.