Thursday, January 10, 2013

Survey results and initial goals for 2013

Fellow Tucson Tea Party Conservatives:
  We hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. The last 60+ days since the November 2012 general election have signaled to all of us what we can expect from our President and his administration over the next four years. Locally, progressives have seized on an opportunity to restrict your Second Amendment rights. While we have seen some small effort on the part of Tucson's mayor to promote economic development, the majority of elected officials in Pima County and the City of Tucson continue to focus their efforts and energies on treating your hard earned tax dollars like Monopoly money. So, it’s time for your TTP to “shake it loose”, and get back to work.

  We surveyed our members four weeks ago. 1,497 of you were kind enough to respond to our survey. Here is what we learned:

71.4% of you would like to see your TTP take a more strident position on its issues. Message heard, loud and clear.

86.6% of you do not feel that the “Tea Party” brand needs to be changed. That’s a relief!

Yet, 40.0% of you are uncomfortable wearing your Tucson Tea Party shirts in public. It sounds like we need a new T-shirt design. That we can do.

  On the subject of issues that are important to you, one issue stood out. Defending the erosion of the Constitution as our principal founding document is very important to Tucson Tea Party members. Here are the actual results.

Addressing PIMA County Board of Commissioners spending concerns 56.46%
Addressing City of Tucson spending concerns 55.50%
Addressing local school board spending concerns 23.92%
Addressing Marana/Oro Valley/Vail/Green Valley spending concerns 7.89%
Outreach to conservative Hispanics 59.09%
Defending the erosion of the Constitution as our principal founding document 68.42%
Controlling Arizona's southern borders 57.89%
Examining new legislation proposed by our local officials holding state office 41.39%

The most surprising survey results were associated with three questions that allowed us to rank the importance of possible future initiatives. By a measurable margin, you thought it would be most important for your Tucson Tea Party to focus its efforts on vetting fiscally conservative candidates for office. Your second highest ranked choice of initiatives was to expose waste, fraud, and abuse in Pima County. Your third highest priority was to identify local conservative businesses and share this information with Tea Party members and others. Protests centered on national issues and hosting stadium rallies, initiatives we have focused attention on in the past, ranked much lower in these survey results.

41.1% of you indicated that open carry of firearms should not be a priority in planning Tucson Tea Party events. 24.8% of you indicated that we should consider open carry at our events only when there is no additional cost to the TTP. While the majority of Tucson Tea Party members indicated that open carry at our events was not a high priority, we do recognize that recent events have triggered an attack on our 2nd amendment rights. Your Tucson Tea Party will make every practical effort it can to host our events under a policy of open carry of firearms. We invite you to email us with suggestions for easily accessible, affordable, venues that permit open carry.

278 Tucson Tea Party members took the time to individually communicate their thoughts and concerns to the Tucson Tea Party as part of our survey. Each comment was read and considered.  Your passionate and thoughtful responses were amazing. The majority of individual responses demanded more “action” from the Tea Party. We have received many emails asking us to take action on a myriad of issues. Callers to local talk radio have asked “Where is the Tea Party?”. We are still here. We are not going away. However, our ability to be the strongest possible voice for you is dependent on your involvement. Our goal for the next thirty days has to be centered on identifying no less than 32 people who are willing to devote their time and effort to driving a strong Tea Party message of fiscal conservatism. Many are good intentioned. However, if you are a volunteer who won’t drive more than a few miles to a meeting, or has multiple other commitments that limit your ability to flexibly assist this group, or who cannot function as part of a team, then do not volunteer. Please continue to attend our events and share your opinions. But, we need 32 “Tea Party Warriors” to move our 2013 agenda.

With these survey results and feedback in mind we will be hosting a series of planning meetings on the following dates:

Wednesday Jan 30th - 7:00 pm to 8:15pm Subject-Website revision and creating useful video media. If you have skills in website design and administration and/or have skills in editing video media, please consider attending this meeting. We need your help communicating our message in visual ways.

Thursday February 1st- -7:00 pm to 8:15pm Subject- The U.S. Constitution. How can we teach and promote the importance of this document in an entertaining and informative way, using the Tucson Tea Party as a communications vehicle? We need a team of volunteers who can support this initiative.

Wednesday February 6th-7:00 pm to 8:15pm Subject- Exposing waste, fraud, abuse, and political hypocrisy in Pima County. We need a total of nine Tea Party ninja’s who have the intestinal fortitude to film, photograph, and expose the belly of the beast. The weak at heart need not apply.

Thursday February 7th -7:00 pm to 8:00pm Subject- New T-shirt design and creative fundraising ideas. As indicated above we need a new T-shirt design that will carry us for a couple years. There is a huge initial expense in ordering a fresh supply of T-shirts. Over time, T-shirt sales are our largest source of funding. We need some folks who are artistically inclined and a few folks who can rock our fundraising with some fresh ideas.

Thursday February 7th – 8:00 pm to 9:15pm Subject- Form a team that has the skills and political savvy to seek out and vet candidates for public office who represent Tea Party values of fiscal conservatism. If you are interested and able to be a dedicated volunteer and would like to attend one of these planning meetings, please email with your interest in one of the five above noted subjects.

Assuming a sufficient response we will update you on the location of the meeting.

Lastly, we would like to ask you to email us with as many names of Pima County and southern Arizona businesses that you are certain promote Tea Party values. It would also be helpful if you can identify a contact name, address, and/or phone number, or website for the business. We will not share their information without their consent. Your consumer dollars are valuable tools for advancing a conservative message. Think carefully about where you are spending your money, and who you are supporting. We would like to be a resource for information about conservative businesses.

Your continued support of our efforts is always greatly appreciated. You can donate to our cause thru a secure Piryx connection at our website www., or mail donations to Tucson Tea Party 6336 N. Oracle Rd #326 Box 177 Tucson, Az. 85704.

Thanks for your attention to this message.

Your Tucson Tea Party