About TTP

Our mailing address is 6336 N. Oracle Rd #326 Box 177 Tucson, Az. 85704

What We Are About

The Tucson Tea Party (TTP) is a venue for people who are against the over $12 trillion dollars in government bail-outs, stimulus packages, loans, entitlements, and guarantees since September 2008. We hope to provide an opportunity for those opposed to these gratuitous bailouts to find their voice, and use it. We come together to send a message to our elected officials that, if they voted for any one of these measures, we will vote them out of office!

We believe that the government is taking America away from the ideals that have made it great. We believe in individual liberty and responsibility, a small federal government whose constitutional powers are limited.

We do not believe that the government has the right to take your money in order to bail out big financial institutions, delinquent borrowers, or make it harder for you to earn your own living.

Who Runs The Tucson Tea Party

The Tucson Tea Party organizing team is made up of a handful of hard working individuals who donate many hours of their time to further the tea party message. None of us are career politicians.We are mothers, fathers, and small business owners. Our primary goal in becoming actively involved in the political system is to help empower our communities and families.

How TTP Is Funded

The Tucson Tea Party is not bankrolled by large private investors. All of our donations come from members of TTP, and they usually come in ten and twenty dollar donations.

TTP Membership

TTP members come from all over the political and personal spectrum. We are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents. We are young, some are older, retired, small business owners and students. We come from many walks of life.

Not all Tucson Tea Party members are social conservatives. We are instead brought together by a desire to see local and national governments that are fiscally conservative.

How do I become a Member?

If you would like to know more about the Tucson Tea Party and our upcoming events please submit your email address via our sign up link on the home page. The Tucson Tea Party does not share member email addresses with any organization.

TTP is not associated with the group Pima County Tea Party Patriots. Any questions about their organization or their activities need to be addressed directly to them.