Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A "special anniversary" update

Update regarding "a special anniversary"
On Monday August the 6th, your Tucson Tea Party put out a request to it's members to contact Ann Kirkpatrick's campaign headquarters on the third anniversary of a townhall event she held in Holbrook, Az. in 2009. At the time she unceremoniously walked out of this event when asked some tough questions regarding her support for Obamacare.  (You can see the YouTube video here)

Your response was amazing! I received over 40 replies from Tea Party members who attempted to reach her campaign office at 928-774-1480. I was able to contact her office at the point I sent out the initial email, asking her staff why she had, up to this point, avoided public events in Pima County. However, many of the Tucson Tea Party members who attempted to get thru to her office after our email was sent,  encountered a telephone message that indicated that the "voice mail had not yet been set up". Really? A candidate for U.S. Congress who has no option to leave a voice mail at her campaign headquarters? No, really? Ann's just not a very good listener, is she?

Ann is running for Congress in Arizona Congressional District 1, a gerrymandered district that extends from Northwest Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana to the northeastern border of Arizona and Utah. If you live in parts of these Pima County municipalities meet your new neighbors up north in Globe, Holbrook, Chinle, and Kayenta, Az.

Four professed conservative candidates are running in the primary election for a chance to defeat Anne this fall. Patrick Gatti, Gaither Martin, Jonathan Paton, and  Doug Wade. Of these four candidates, only one has seriously campaigned in Tucson and Pima County; Tucson's own Jonathon Paton.

For those of our members who live in Arizona Congressional District 1, we urge you to seriously investigate these candidates so that you can make the best decision who will represent your Tea Party values in Congress. And if you feel like giving Ann another ring at 928-774-1480 to share your views with her, please do, and give her our warmest wishes for her defeat in the fall.

On another subject, many Tucson Tea Party members have sent emails to us inquiring how they might be able to volunteer to assist former State Senator Russell Pierce in his re-election. The LD 11 candidate team of Al Melvin, Adam Kwasman, and Steve Smith, have made available, there VOIP phone system at their new campaign office in Oro Valley for Tucson Tea Party members and others to make campaign calls for candidate Russell Pierce for the next several weeks. If you are interested in making calls please email for location info and hours of operation.

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