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An Introduction to Analysis of Variance

Just like any scientific experiment, businesses rely on hypotheses about their trends and conditions to get a better understanding of their road forward. Statisticians will rely on a variety of formulas to understand these differences that may have gone unseen before. One of those formulas is the analysis of variance, or ANOVA, which compares variances …


3 Reasons To Use a Light Purifier

Living with allergies can be a constant burden. Whatever time of year it is, you may feel your symptoms come full-fledged. Beyond over-the-counter or prescription medication and nasal sprays to help deal with your allergy symptoms, maintaining clean indoor air can help combat seasonal allergies. More homeowners are relying on UV light air purifiers to …


A Guide to Faith-Based Investing

If you have a goal that requires a lot of money, it can be difficult to feel like you’re making any progress. After all, finding a dream home is the easy part; paying for the dream home is where the challenges begin. Investing in short-term stocks is one way that you can build up a …