Golf is a sport that people across the world love to play. From its creation in Scotland back in the 15th century, golf has become a go-to recreational and competitive sport that many people participate in. Some of the best places to play golf include Scotland, Italy, New Zealand, New York, Florida, Hawaii, and Arizona. In the United States alone, approximately 30 million people per year play golf.

This is approximately 10 percent of the U.S. population, which is significant, considering the variety of other recreational activities that people can participate in. One crucial component of the golfing experience includes the golf cart. This motorized vehicle helps to transport golfers around a golf course while also carrying their golf clubs. Many golf courses are sizable, so having a way to move from golf hole to golf hole is a must-have. Here are a few tips on what to know for those golfers in Arizona when looking for golf cars for sale in your state.

Is the golf cart new or refurbished?


When looking for golf carts for sale in Arizona, you’ll first want to ask yourself if the golf cart is new or refurbished. A “new” golf cart is a cart that, though possibly used, is a vehicle that was used by a previous owner and is being sold in an “as-is” condition. As-is means that the item being sold is in whatever condition it currently is in. The item’s buyer accepts that the item is in this current condition, with any faults, which might or might not be readily apparent.

In the case of a golf cart, this might include purchasing a cart with a bit of mileage, some paint scrapes, or even a couple of dents on the vehicle itself. Most people are willing to overlook a cart in such a condition due to the vehicle’s lowered cost. If possible, though, when purchasing a used golf car, if you know a mechanic with such vehicles’ knowledge, have them inspect the vehicle before buying. You don’t want to take your cart out to a local golf course and have it break down on you on the fairway.

A refurbished golf cart is one that has had some recent improvements added to it. They have been repaired or augmented with repurposed parts from other golf carts. These types of golf carts have become common in the golf cart sale industry. Also called reconditioned vehicles, these carts are often made up of parts like engines, the chassis, wheels, tires, seats, and cart bodies. Sort of a Frankenstein’s monster amalgam of parts, these refurbished vehicles can provide just as much quality service as a used golf cart.

When purchasing a refurbished golf cart, you want to ensure that a certified dealer has done the refurbishing work themselves. For example, in some cases, you might have a golf cart where an owner has painted the golf cart, installed new tires on the vehicle, and calls the vehicle a refurbished vehicle. Everything else, though, is still the same: the motor, the seats, the body, and the body. Do your best to buy such refurbished vehicles from a certified dealer, so you’ll know that you’re making a legit purchase.

Where will you store the vehicle?

Golf carts need a place to be stored. If you have a home, you can store these vehicles in your garage, underneath your carport, or in a shed on your property. When you store your golf car closer to your home, you have some peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and secure. You can also protect the cart from weather elements, dust, and sunlight underneath a vehicle cover’s protection.

Let’s say that you live in an apartment, condo, or another location where you can’t store a vehicle on site. In cases like these, you’ll have to look into finding an off-site storage facility. These places allow for the storage of many items, including golf carts. Start by looking into Phoenix’s car storage prices in Phoenix and find a place that won’t break your wallet. Make sure the storage facility provides easy access to your vehicle once it has been stored. Also, look into the storage unit size, if the unit can keep the vehicle safe from the elements, and once again, how much the pricing will be.

Is the golf car worth what the dealer/seller is asking for it?


When you become a first-time home buyer, you have to decide what you should consider before purchasing your first house. How much are your closing costs? How are you going to furnish your new home? Is this the neighborhood you want to live in for multiple years? What amount should I save for a down payment?

You should follow the same process when purchasing a golf cart. This purchase will be a sizeable investment for what might be a hobby unless you’re a professional golfer. Though there is nothing wrong with spending money on something that you love to do, you want to make sure that you aren’t wasting your money at the same time. When you look into purchasing a golf cart from a local dealer or seller, begin by first comparing golf cart prices in your local area and across the golf cart sale industry.

Doing this comparison shopping can let you know the general price range for a vehicle you have your eye on. You want to make sure that you find that market price for the golf cart. This can help when you are negotiating the pricing with a seller to get the best deal. Also, consider the state of the vehicle, the accessories that come with the vehicle, and the vehicle’s speed when trying to determine the worth of the golf cart.

Does the golf car have the features you’re looking for?

You want to make sure that the golf cart you’re attempting to purchase has the features you want. This is often based on the type of golfer you are. If you’re a golfer who is laid back with how you play the game and only occasionally like hitting the green, then maybe a souped-up golf cart isn’t for you. If you’re more apt to hit the fairways on the regular and want to take your golf cart out on more rugged terrain, definitely look at purchasing a cart that is more suited for this.

For example, it’s like when you’re looking into your family’s best type of life insurance policy. Do you choose a viatical or life settlement insurance? You have to weigh the options of what each insurance policy brings. Consider the features that different golf carts bring before making a sizeable purchase.