Rental income is a staple in the investment portfolios of many of the United States’ wealthiest investors. Real estate forms the basis of the highest grossing portfolios abroad as well. Individuals with a high net worth have learned that property management builds long term, generational wealth, and retail investors are catching on. The property market is no longer reserved only for those with major capital assets; nowadays anyone can get into the real estate game. But effectively managing a rental property can be a real challenge for new real estate owners. Learning the ropes can be bruising, but with enough background research you can cut down this learning curve by a significant margin and start turning a profit in no time at all.

Find ‘diamond in the rough’ properties to buy.


Finding a diamond in the rough might sound like a major challenge, but the reality is that the property market is flush with excellent properties all the time. Foreclosure sales are a big draw for real estate investors looking to turn a profit, but there are other avenues to pursue as well. Some sellers are looking for a fast sale and will take a reduced rate for a cash deal that goes through quickly. However you can find a sub-market home, buying into a property at a reduced rate is a great way to bulk up your portfolio’s earning potential.


These properties typically come with some built in problems though, so doing your research before committing to a purchase is crucial to avoiding a property that requires you to sink hundreds of thousands of extra dollars into upkeep work. Venterra CEO John Foresi recommends partnering with a real estate agent that you trust for much of your real estate buying needs. Finding excellent properties that won’t require much maintenance is their specialty. Real estate brokers spend each day scouring the market for new, fantastic properties to share with their clients, so they make it their business to understand the ins and outs of these types of commodities on the open market.

Make routine upgrades a habit.


No matter how structurally sound your properties are, they will ultimately need maintenance and repair work in order to remain viable investments. No tenant will want to stay in a home that is breaking down and with a landlord that skimps on their repair work. Finding a team of local contractors who you trust is the best way to excel in the property game. Scoring through Potomac roofing companies, air conditioning technicians, electricians, plumbers, and general contractors to find a team of highly trained professionals with years of experience in their respective fields is the best way to ensure that your properties are always well maintained. Building a relationship with these repair workers will ensure that all your jobs are done professionally and with a quick response time as well.


Roofing repair work, in particular, is something that you have to remain vigilant about. The roof on any home is typically expected to last about 20 years, but this is, of course, subject to the elements that persist in your local corner of the United States. A failing roof can cause major damage to the interior of the home, but it’s also a threat to energy efficiency and overall comfort as well. With a leaky roof, your air conditioner has to work overtime to heat or cool the air within the home because the conditioned air is seeping out through gaps, leaks, or cracks in the exterior structure. This increases your heating and cooling bill while also putting additional strain on the unit itself. Problems within the home often begin with trouble above it. Maintaining a well-kept roof is the best way to ensure that your home remains in a respectable state, no matter the weather outdoors.


Your windows represent another area of concern for many homeowners. Windows share these troubles with the roofing components, so keeping a tight handle on the condition of the glass and their frames is a crucial part of homeownership and property management. Double glazed windows are a major draw for prospective tenants as well, so keeping up with these repair works will provide you with a steady stream of interest to the property. It’s true that becoming a landlord is all about the delicate balance between outgoing expenses and incoming rent payments, keeping these all-important features of a home up to a good standard is one of the main ways that landlords strike this equilibrium.

Maintain storage space for easy interior transformations.


Maintaining a storage space is crucial to good landlording. Searching for ‘vehicle storage near me’ will give you a wide range of self storage units available in your local marketplace and help you choose the best facility for your needs. Storage units are a crucial part of the overall property management strategy because they give a landlord the freedom to convert a home from furnished to unfurnished at will. This is an important flexibility that helps landlords make the most of their rental spaces. A furnished property can typically fetch a higher price on the market, but many tenants already possess their own furniture and will plan to move in with their own belongings and personal items. The addition of a storage unit gives you the freedom to offer the property in both respects and target a wider range of the rental marketplace. This helps landlords remain competitive and draw in more rent paying tenants.


The rental market is a lucrative one that is becoming more and more open to individuals of all capital backgrounds. With backing from your current financial institution you can become a real estate investors with a fraction of the upfront capital required to actually buy a property. But the purchase is only the beginning of a winning real estate strategy, finding the perfect home and maintaining a great relationship with local contractors and the tenants that you put up themselves is essential to building a long term income generator that will boost your savings to new heights.