Injuries vary widely. One person could slip on a wet floor and break their arm, while another person who slips on a wet surface could hit their head and suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Your long-term prognosis could depend on how severe your injuries are and your ability to receive appropriate medical treatment.

Injuries send 35 million people to emergency rooms (ERs) in the United States each year. Injury victims include people who’ve suffered a slip and fall accident and car accident victims. When college and high school students are injured, they have to cope with their medical needs and schoolwork. Let’s look at ways to stay on top of your schoolwork during your recovery.

Hire a personal injury lawyer.


Lawyers are highly trained legal experts with a law degree and law license. They choose a legal specialty that determines the types of cases they handle. Personal injury lawyers focus on lawsuits stemming from accident injuries, medical malpractice, and birth injuries.

When you contact a personal injury law firm, you’ll receive a free consultation from a licensed attorney. Your evaluation will help you determine if you have a case and feel comfortable hiring that firm to handle your legal needs. Once you hire a St. Louis personal injury lawyer, your attorney will look after the legal paperwork. They’ll file your case with the courts, ensure the defendants receive copies of the paperwork and investigate your case.

Instead of learning how to file a lawsuit and preparing legal documents, you can leave your case in the hands of experts with years of experience. Having a legal team lets you focus on your recovery and schoolwork instead of preparing for court. Your law firm will interview witnesses, gather evidence, and build your case. They’ll also prompt you to pursue appropriate medical tests and treatment, ensuring you receive comprehensive care for all injuries. Proper medical treatment is crucial because treatment offers the best chance of a swift and complete recovery. Without treatment, pain from your injuries may inhibit your ability to focus on your schoolwork.

Prioritize your scholarship requirements.


While the average cost of college tuition depends on whether you attend an in-state school or out-of-state school, college is expensive. You’ll need thousands per year to cover tuition and personal expenses. Without scholarships, you could incur over $100,000 in student loans while earning a bachelor’s degree.

Earning scholarships can help you cover your postsecondary costs. The National Honors Society High School provides information about multiple scholarship options. Identify the scholarships you’re applying for and check the scholarship requirement for each one. Some National Honors Society scholarships emphasize activism or leadership skills. You may need to complete service hours to qualify for some scholarship opportunities, while you may need a high cumulative GPA to qualify for others. Reviewing the requirements ensures you invest your energy into accomplishments that will help you secure the scholarships you need.

Consider online learning.


The internet’s made it possible to receive an outstanding education without entering a classroom. Whether you’re in high school or college, you may benefit from switching to online learning after your accident. Many online programs offer a flexible study schedule. You can watch lectures at your convenience, enabling you to fit your studies in around your medical appointments. You’ll also save time studying because you won’t have to worry about traveling to and from campus.

Accident victims may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Suppose you were in a bus accident on your way to school. You may suffer panic attacks and flashbacks when trying to take the bus to school. You may need counseling to help you process your trauma and manage your PTSD symptoms before you’re comfortable using public transportation.

Hiring an injury attorney lets you focus on your health and schoolwork after an accident. You’ll benefit from prioritizing schoolwork and activities required for scholarships. Pursuing online studies may give you more time to recover while staying on top of your schoolwork.