Have you ever found yourself suddenly unable to take a hot shower? Are you trying to do a load of laundry in the washing machine but can’t get the water to the temperature you need? This could be resulting from issues with your boiler that are preventing you from carrying out tasks in your everyday life. There could be issues with your heat pump or boiler that are quick fixes, but others could require a homeowner to cough up the money to replace the unit.

Consider the age of the heating system.


It’s a tremendous inconvenience when your boiler gives out, especially in the winter when you may rely on it most of all. One of the greatest factors in whether your plumbing system and home’s heating are up to code is the age of the units involved. Be sure to consider this if you’re choosing between boiler repair and replacement in Washington, PA. Before deciding on boiler repair, you should be aware of any of the safety concerns of an aging system. Updates in local building codes may have safety requirements your old model cannot meet.

An older boiler system is more prone to faults that can raise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. Without proper ventilation, your household could be left susceptible to this hidden deadly danger. Foul odor or a discolored pilot light are some symptoms of incomplete combustion. Most boilers last between 15 to 20 years, with the units becoming inefficient by the end of their lifetime. Plus, it may be near impossible to find replacement plants to accommodate the design of these older units. Even if they are found, the repair costs could be costly just trying to track down the parts.

How often do breakdowns happen?


If you find that your boiler or furnace is breaking down more and more, it could be time to work with a plumbing company with an outstanding reputation to replace the unit. Commonly, the greatest sign that household appliances are nearing the end of their life span is an inability to perform basic functions. While a 24-hour emergency service will help you take care of any issues with your water heater, you don’t want to rely on constant emergency repairs to get you through the winter or any time of year regardless of excellent customer service.

In some cases, noises can be cause for alarm and a need for boiler repair. Clanking noises are common for a furnace or heating system when it’s turned on after weeks and months of no operation. However, if these issues persist, a home system may have a deeper issue, preventing hot water from being able to work its way through fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen, or other plumbing in your household.

Is your warranty expired?


A new boiler will come with a warranty for replacement parts that varies in length depending on the manufacturer. If the warranty on your boiler system has expired, it’s a great time to invest in a replacement unit. A reputable professional service can help homeowners install a new heating system quickly and efficiently, making sure that a household isn’t forced to wait an extended period of time just to get hot water flowing again.

You could even have a technician inspect the boiler system or furnace before deciding to move forward with a replacement over a repair. If the issue is as simple as the pilot light going out on the unit, you may be able to hold over on getting a new system for now. However, a technician may suggest that the professional solution is to change out the units. After all, you want a guarantee that your home can be kept comfortable throughout those frigid winters.