Self-care is an important part of wellness, but we don’t care for our mind, body, and soul nearly enough. From work to social obligations, we rarely carve out any time just for ourselves. Some weekend nights, rather than making plans to go out with friends, consider planning a night in on your own. Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. It can be a way to slow down, unwind, and connect with yourself. Here are a few tips to help you plan a rejuvenating solo night at home.

1. Get comfy and create some ambiance.


In order to have a cozy night in, first, you must set the scene and create a calming ambiance. Clean and declutter your home so that it feels like a place you can retreat to. Set the mood with some candles or incense, curate a playlist of your favorite tunes, and create a comfy space with throw pillows and a rug.

Most importantly? Make sure you are comfortable. There is nothing better than coming home, taking off your work clothes, and climbing into comfy clothes. Splurge on brand new sleepwear to fully set the mood for your night in. Whether you’re looking for soft flannel sleepwear and fluffy slippers, or a silky nightgown and robe, treat yourself with loungewear that is both comfy and cute. By slipping into something more comfortable, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed and ready to get into the mood for your night at home. Don’t forget a sleep mask to help guarantee a blissful night’s sleep when bedtime rolls around.

2. Melt your stress away.

The next step to prep for your night in: leave your worries behind. Turn your phone off, put away your laptop, and remove all distractions that might take away from being present. If you struggle with anxiety or are having trouble releasing stress, you might consider trying CBD to get in the mood for the evening.

Whether you try it in the form of oil or edibles, CBD, an extract from the hemp plant, is a great way to wind down and destress. Containing minimal levels of THC, CBD offers all the benefits of hemp without the side effects of getting high. CBD is available in edible forms like gummies and capsules, or as tinctures and oils. The CBD industry offers a diverse array of products. The most effective type of CBD is considered to be pure spectrum CBD, as it contains vitamins, minerals, and omegas as well. This hemp-driven CBD oil is all-natural and mixed with peppermint oil, perfect to take once or twice a day. Add a dropper into a drink or take it directly, and let your worries float away.

3. Prepare your favorite meal.


We often don’t take the time to properly feed ourselves. What we put into our body is such an important aspect to our wellness. For your night in, plan a meal that is nourishing for both your body and soul. Maybe you want to experiment with a new recipe. Make sure that you have all the makings and treat yourself to a tasty, home-cooked meal. Set up a picnic in the living room or decorate the table with candles and flowers, making all the details special.

4. Get creative and connect with your inner self.


There is no time better than a solo night at home to reconnect with your inner self. Taking time to become grounded and reflect is one of the healthiest habits we can adopt. Use your night into a journal, read, and reflect. Perhaps you’ve been looking to get back in touch with your creative side or plan your future. Make a dream board helping you to envision your ideal career, vacation, or life goals. Set up a corner in your home for unleashing your inner creativity and spend the night painting, drawing, writing, or doing any other activity your heart desires.

5. Indulge in self-care activities.

Your options for how to spend your night in are abundant. Unplugging and indulging in some self-care can be a great way to end your evening. Set up a yoga and meditation corner to prepare for a night of connecting to your mind, body, and breath. Maybe you’re looking to release some energy. Download your favorite playlist and have a solo dance party. Or perhaps you want to create your own spa experience. No problem! Get the ingredients to make homemade face masks and foot scrubs. Cleanse your skin with fresh, all-natural ingredients like honey, avocado, and shea butter. At the end of the night, treat yourself to the ultimate bath with aromatic soaking salts, essential oils, and of course your favorite candle. You’ll never need to leave your house again.