The last thing you want to confront as an upstanding homeowner is a nasty reality of dealing with a faulty furnace. Your furnace works hard to keep your humble abode warm during those cold winter days and nights. Through all that work, though, it can become exhausted and eventually might even need some repairs.

The good news is that we’ve pulled together a handy list of furnace maintenance tips and tricks that you can employ to make sure that your furnace lives a long and healthy life. So, let’s dive on in. The water’s still warm as long as that furnace is up and running.

1. Inspect that pilot light.

You want to make sure that your furnace’s pilot light is only showing a blue color. The color of your furnace’s pilot light is a direct reflection of how the gas within your furnace is burning. If the pilot light is showing a yellow flame, or any other color for that matter, this could mean that there’s an excess of carbon monoxide. That’s a big no-no. So, if you see any of those problem colors in your pilot light, then reach out to your local HVAC technician as soon as possible.

2. Listen for any strange furnace noises.

If it seems like your furnace is far more conversational than normal and always rambling about something or another, this could be hinting at a bigger underlying issue. The fact of the matter is that there are furnace noises you can’t ignore. If you hear any squealing, rattling, or chirping noises, then seek out an HVAC technician immediately. You don’t want to have any faulty ignition process occurring within your furnace any longer than it’s already been going on. Plus, an HVAC technician will be able to provide an efficient and easy fix for the issue.

3. Regularly clean your furnace.

By simply cleaning your furnace semi-frequently, you’ll be able to shirttail a whole mess of potentially pricey problems. Your furnace ends up picking up a whole lot of dust and debris while it keeps busy keeping your home warm. You should also make sure to clean out your furnace’s blower. The blower is located right next to your furnace’s air filter and can thus end up getting just as dirty as the actual air filter. Usually, you’ll be able to consult your furnace’s instruction manual to locate where the blower’s at properly. From there, all you’ll need is a wet cloth to get the cleaning job done.

4. Make sure to schedule yearly inspections.

The value of having an actual HVAC technician come through to perform an inspection on your furnace can’t be expressed enough. An HVAC technician is trained such that they’ll be able to pick out any problem areas that might be present in your furnace. Plus, you’ll be able to rest assured with a peaceful mind that you don’t have any serious problem with your furnace just waiting to spring up.

5. Clean out your furnace’s vents.

Your furnace system is likely hooked right on up to a vent. The warm air is then circulated through the vents out into different rooms in your home. As long as you consistently clean these vents out, your furnace won’t have to exert as much effort into heating your home. You can clean your furnace’s vents out by pulling the vents out and then vacuuming out the ducts. It’s all about making that furnace’s job just a bit easier.

We’ve covered a handful of essential furnace maintenance tips and tricks that we’d well advise you to keep in your back pocket to ensure that your furnace is happy and healthy. You’ll only end up sparing yourself unnecessary stress and pricey repairs. Plus, your furnace will appreciate all the tender loving care.