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Plan Your Perfect Solo Night In

Self-care is an important part of wellness, but we don’t care for our mind, body, and soul nearly enough. From work to social obligations, we rarely carve out any time just for ourselves. Some weekend nights, rather than making plans to go out with friends, consider planning a night in on your own. Staying at home …

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Cosmetology & Beauty: How to Break Into the Industry

People the world over obsess over all things beauty. There’s something captivating about advertisements that show perfect faces donning sexy cosmetics, glamourous clothes, and perfectly styled hair. The beauty industry is as multi-faceted as an eyeshadow color palette. From cosmetics and nail art to estheticians and hairstylists, the cosmetology industry has room for a range …


Our Best Jell-O Mold Recipes

Molded Strawberry Salad This refreshing salad has two layers – a pretty pink bottom that includes sour cream, and a ruby red top with strawberries and pineapple. For years, Mom has included this salad in meals she prepares for our family. -Gloria Grant, Sterling, Illinois Get Recipe The post Our Best Jell-O Mold Recipes appeared …


Is Cheese Good for You?

It’s hard to come up with a food that isn’t better with a sprinkle of cheese on top. I mean, pasta, tacos, even vegetables—they’re all better with this food of the gods. But how much is too much? Let’s dive into the possible risks and surprising benefits of everyone’s favorite pizza topping. Is Cheese Good …