Sunday, September 16, 2012

You are invited to a "Conservative Cruze" Saturday September 22nd

The Tucson Tea Party would like to invite you to participate in a series of events on Saturday,  September 22nd . 

We are not going to rally at a stadium, amongst ourselves. These types of events are great for ginning up energy. However, the strength of our numbers is seen by no one but us. 

How can we share our message with others who might not be paying close attention to our strong conservative voice?
We have to be seen and heard in a very visible way. A Tea Party way. A non-violent and safe way.

Imagine hundreds of auto’s prominently displaying a conservative message traversing major streets in Oro Valley, Marana, Tucson, and Pima County. We can do this. You are invited to “dress up” your auto, classic car, dump truck (Yes, we may see a dump truck!lol.), or your motorcycle, pickup truck, or “street legal” hot rod. We will be hosting events in 4 locations in Pima County. You can show up, and show off, your vehicle at any or all locations. We will have speakers at three of the four locations, including 104.1 FM’s Jon Justice and James T. Harris.
Each event is timed such that all of us, Yes, all of us, can move from each location to the next. Sort of a “political poker run”. Sort of a political version of a classic car cruise. Decorate your cars, show your creativity, send them a message! We are not going away! We are here to stay.

Here’s the itinerary…………….

9:20 am- Northwest Tucson/CD1 candidate signs will be available for pickup at the Oro Valley Market Place, near the Red Lobster. This is simply a meet up location for those Tea Party members who would be willing to move from this location, to our 1st full event stop in Marana. We will pass out driving directions to all of our stops, at this location.  We will be traversing Oro Valley, and Northwest Tucson. No speakers will be at this location.
 We would like you to consider beginning your event day here, to show our vehicles and send a conservative message to voters in this area, as we travel to……

10:20 am- We will host an outside event at “Boston’s Restaurant” located next to the theatre complex at the Arizona Pavilions Mall at 5825 West Arizona Pavilions Drive in Marana. Featured speakers will include Jon Justice, Jonathon Paton, Al Melvin, and others. Boston’s will open early for our rally and be available to serve your refreshments and snacks from their menu if you would like to “grab a bite”. We have plenty of parking. Candidate signs will be available also, should you wish to display them on your vehicles. We will provide you directions to our next stop, as we travel thru city center and Raul Grijalva’s district on our way to our next location…..

12:00 pm-We will host an outside event at the Shriner’s Hall located at 450 South Tucson Boulevard Tucson, Az. Featured speakers will include James T. Harris, “WarriorSchools” Jeff Prather, and several political candidates running in this area. The Shriner’s will have refreshments available for purchase.  After our speakers are done we will be traveling thru CD 2 (Ron Barber’s turf), legislative districts 9 and 10, and ending at our final location…………….

3:00 pm- We will host an outside rally at the brand new “Hot Rod’s” Restaurant Old Vail - 10500 East Old Vail Rd, Tucson 85747. You will again be treated to James T. Harris, and have an opportunity to hear from one of our most fiscally conservative State Senators, Frank Antenori, along with other speakers. Frank has done an outstanding job limiting the spending of our state government, and faces a challenging election this fall. We would like to see “show our Tea Party colors” on the East side of Tucson, and in support of Frank. This is a very important leg of our itinerary.  Hot Rod’s is a fabulous place to end our afternoon. 

What is your involvement????????

Decorate your vehicles! Dress them up so that they are noticed. Send a message. You are the citizen activists that Andrew Breitbart so vividly described to us. Get motivated. Get involved. Spread the word. We will ask candidates to have their signs available at each of our stops.
The most important part of this event is YOU, traveling with us, thru our city and county, spreading a message of conservative values! 

Participation ribbons will be awarded to every vehicle that completes the journey to “Hot Rod’s”. Vehicles will be judged and fun trophies awarded, at Hot Rod’s, in the following categories:

-Most “eye catching”
-Most “patriotic”
-Most “supportive of a candidate”
-“Oldest” vehicle decorated with a conservative message

Tune in to 104.1 FM next week to hear more about this event. We look forward to seeing you this upcoming Saturday.  

Note: We are not a parade event. If more than 300 vehicle’s show, we advise our attendees of several routes to travel to our next destination, for maximum visibility and so as not to impede the normal flow of traffic. All traffic laws and signals must be followed. All vehicle’s must be “street legal”. 

Jonathon Paton will be opening up his campaign office this Thursday evening September 20th to Tucson Tea Party members that would like to create signs for their vehicles. Contact Greg Harris for directions 520-990-1903. We are trying to find an east side location for making signs. We will advise you if, and when we locate a place.

“Once more unto the breach, my dear friends”. We hope to see you next Saturday. 

Your Tucson Tea Party

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