Going to the spa is a relaxing experience that often leaves you feeling like your problems no longer exist. You can sink deep into the comfort and warmth of the environment and allow yourself to be pampered. Successful spas understand that the experience isn’t just about their services but rather the atmosphere. It is critical to engage all of the senses in a meaningful way.

Everything from the robe to the massage tables is designed to be soft, cozy, and comfortable. The smells of the spa are subtle, organic, and relaxing. The sounds are gentle and soothing. There is often a clear connection to nature, including lush greenery and running water. The lights are usually dimmed, so everything you see has a subtle, subtle glow to it. There are no harsh florescent lights or stark light surfaces that reflect the light. Spas are purposefully designed to promote comfort and relaxation. To transform your bathroom into a spa, you’ll need to act with the same intention and be mindful of your senses.



The smell is probably the most straightforward fix, you can buy an essential oil set and a diffuser to create a continuous scent that isn’t overpowering. Many people like cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, and cypress. However, softer scents like the scent of lavender are often associated with stress relief. Choose essential oils that you find relaxing and enjoy the smell. Placing fresh flowers in the room will also create an inviting aroma.



Changing the bathroom’s feel can be a little more challenging and may involve remodeling. Lubbock bathroom remodel can offer homeowners a new tub for soaking, a shower conversion, new vanity, tile work, floors, and a toilet. They can replace anything you want and work in softer tones and more natural materials. For example, a stone vanity top is more spalike than a brightly colored manufactured top. Bringing in natural materials and textures will enhance the textile sensation of the space. For example, stone tiles are more grounding than ceramic or glass tiles.

Once the remodeling is done, you can buy bath mats, rugs, towels, and shower curtains that are soft and coordinate with the natural tones of the new bathroom. The goal is that the entire space feels cozy. Bathrooms often feel stark and sterile because when they are designed, people are only thinking about how to make cleaning the bathroom more accessible. However, if this isn’t a space that is going to be used by children or animals often, keeping it clean while also comfortable shouldn’t be a challenge.



While remodeling the bathroom, install speakers that can be controlled by your phone to have soft music or nature sound playing with a bulky or ugly shower radio. You can also play meditations or instrumental music that you find calming. Soft surfaces like plush rugs and curtains will also absorb sound, making everything seem quieter.



During the remodel, you can focus on sight as well. Replacing bright or stark contrasting colors with softer, more natural colors will help immensely. Changing the light fixtures to provide more ambient light and less direct light will also help considerably. Once the new light fixtures are in, you can buy soft light bulbs that give a less intense light. Bathrooms are often pretty small spaces, so bright lights can be overwhelming. Fill the space with plants and greenery to further soften the look and feel of the space.

The size of the bathroom, frequent use of the bathroom, your likes and dislikes, and your budget will dictate how far you go in turning your bathroom into a spa. Depending on those factors, you can use some or all of the suggestions made.