The stress of tinnitus can wear on anyone, no matter the severity. Whether it’s a constant buzzing or a whistling, the symptoms of tinnitus can be brought on by drastic hearing loss, as well as several underlying ailments. The good news is that living with tinnitus is no longer permanent suffering. There are ways to quell the symptoms and noises to get you back to living your best life, making the buzzing and ringing nothing more than just something in the background.

Medical Intervention


If you find yourself dealing with constant noise in your ears and you don’t know where it’s coming from, it could be an early sign of tinnitus. Be sure to consult with your primary care provider for advice, who may direct you to an audiologist for a hearing test to better gauge the options that could address the root cause of tinnitus. There are no direct cures for tinnitus, but there are prescription medications that can take care of things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol that may trigger those symptoms of tinnitus.

Doctors may also address mental health aspects that could trigger tinnitus. Depression and anxiety have been linked to what brings about the buzzing and hissing noises that keep people up at night or losing focus throughout the day. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, has been seen as an outlet for tinnitus patients to explain what behaviors bring the noises to a head. This form of therapy helps to address brain function, understanding coping mechanisms such as breathing exercises that can quell the noise before it starts up.

Natural Solutions


While there are prescription medications that can treat underlying causes of tinnitus, some patients are wary of the side effects and risks that come with them. There are vitamins and minerals that help to address these conditions, working to take care of the root cause of an illness that is causing the constant rings. Supplements like Tinnitus911 contain a variety of natural ingredients that help to curb conditions ranging from neural functions and cognitive abilities to hypertension and stress.

For example, extracts like Hawthorne berry are used for numerous medicinal purposes, including treatment for the common cold and even symptoms of cancer treatment. Meantime, ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C, supports overall immune health. This can lower your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and gout. With these natural remedies, you can alleviate certain medical conditions that will flare up the tinnitus problem. Supplements rich in antioxidants, combined with lifestyle changes like regular sleep and limited tobacco use, could lead to a better quality of life.

Sound Masking


Some medical professionals may recommend hearing aids or hearing devices if your tinnitus is drawn out by hearing loss or the roaring that is overtaking something as simple as listening to the person next to you. However, some professionals have found that sound masking has helped to curb the sounds drawn out by tinnitus. Masking devices and white noise machines help to create an aura of relaxation and essentially a distraction from the audible ringing that may be occupying your time.

These masking devices are meant to calm the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety that may trigger tinnitus. They can be used as part of an evening meditation process designed to essentially rock you into a good night’s sleep. A better sleep routine with a scheduled bedtime and set alarm in the morning can work in conjunction with sound masking to dial down the symptoms of tinnitus. It’s also recommended that you keep a dark, cool environment at night to better relax you and rest your mind to put yourself and your tinnitus to bed.