People the world over obsess over all things beauty. There’s something captivating about advertisements that show perfect faces donning sexy cosmetics, glamourous clothes, and perfectly styled hair. The beauty industry is as multi-faceted as an eyeshadow color palette. From cosmetics and nail art to estheticians and hairstylists, the cosmetology industry has room for a range of talents. Take a look at the suggestions below on how to break into the cosmetology and beauty industry and let your natural talent shine.

Create a portfolio.

Always keep track of your work by creating a portfolio. It’s important to demonstrate what you know how to do, and show how much you have mastered in your craft. A portfolio is a great way to show a potential employer or client what you specialize in and how it’s relevant to the job you are hoping to get. Visuals that support your knowledge are important in the cosmetology and beauty industry.


Stay on top of industry trends.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and coming out with new trends. From revolutionary makeup tools to anti-aging makeup, a successful cosmetologist is ahead of the curve. Trade publications for the health and personal care industries are great resources for learning what’s new and innovative in beauty.

Women have been enhancing their natural lashes with eyelash extensions for decades. Glamnetic raises the bar on lash extensions with their innovative line of magnetic false lashes. Their natural lashes can be trimmed to fit your unique eye shape and sit comfortably along your natural lash line. Simply line your eyelid with their magnetic eyeliner and apply the magnetized eyelashes. Once the lashes are in place, you can create elongation and thickness with your favorite mascara.


Find a product line you believe in.

Cosmetologists need to have knowledge about different product lines. Not only will you use products on clients, but clients often turn to beauty professionals for advice on the best products for their specific needs. Working for a product line that you believe in is a great way to get your foot in the beauty industry door. Reach out to product representatives and see what entry-level positions are available. Working in sales or as a product educator could open the door to new opportunities.

As a beauty professional, you need to understand what ingredients go into your favorite products and why. Polyvinyl alcohol is a water-soluble polymer or synthetic resin used in textiles and synthetic fiber, making paper grease-resistant, adhesives, composite film, and other resins. PVA hydrogel is found in soft contact lenses and medical implants including synthetic cartilage and tissue engineering.

Polyvinyl alcohol, also known as PVA, PVAC, or PVOH, products have a wide range of applications like adhesives, textiles, medical devices, and biomedical applications. Polyvinyl alcohol properties include water-solubility, adhesion, tensile strength, grease resistance, moisture resistant, thermal properties, and mechanical properties.

Polyvinyl alcohol derived from vinyl acetate monomer comes in grades that vary in molecular weight and degree of hydrolysis. PVA composite affects thermal stability, mechanical strength, biocompatibility, conductivity, and interfacial interaction. This synthetic polymer is found in many day-to-day products, including personal care products. Always understand what you are using, how it benefits you, and whether there are any allergy risks.


Work your way up.

Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up into the industry. Completing internships, getting experience at trend-focused companies, and having a mentor are all smart ways to gain valuable experience. Working with a mentor gives you free hands-on experience that you won’t get in the classroom. You can gain valuable contacts when networking with industry professionals that your mentor introduces you to. Take advantage of any opportunities that allow you to show off your talent. You never know when the right person will see your work and offer you a dream job.

The cosmetology and beauty industry offers a world of opportunities for those who are passionate, creative, and talented. Follow these suggestions for breaking into the industry and soon opportunities will be knocking at your door.