Pool parties are a great way to have fun in the summer. You can have a pool party to celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday or the end of summer or you can invite all your friends over for a day of swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing just because you feel like it. No matter what your reason is, there’s no doubt that there are few things more fun in the summer than diving into the water with people that you have a good time with. If you want to make sure that your next bash is a crowd-pleaser, keep reading for everything you need to host a perfect pool party.

What do you need to host the perfect pool party?


To have a successful pool party, you need to plan ahead. Decide who you are inviting and send out invitations well in advance. If you have a pool at home, clean it and get it ready for use. If you are using a pool at a friend’s house or a local pool, you will need to reserve the space in advance. Pool toys will be necessary, so pick up some pool noodles and inflatables if you don’t already have them on hand. A floating basketball hoop, pool volleyball net, or a slide are also fun additions.

If you’re looking for a way to make your swimming pool more versatile and add some extra living space to your home, a sliding deck pool cover may be the perfect solution. These covers attach to your deck and can be opened and closed to provide easy access to the pool. They can also be used as a patio, providing a space for you to relax and entertain guests. Since these covers are made to last, you can enjoy years of use and enjoyment. After your friends are done swimming, you can cover your pool and set up some chairs on your wooden deck so socialize for the rest of the party.

If you are planning a party for a large group of people, you will need to plan food and drinks. You can grill out, serve snacks, or have a poolside bar. For larger parties, you may want to consider working with a commercial business that supplies drinks, like this beverage distributor in Wilsonville, OR. Keep in mind that some of your guests may have dietary sensitivities, so you should try to provide snacks and drinks that work for people who need vegan and gluten-free options.

How else can you stay cool this summer?


A smart thermostat is a great way to keep your home comfortable inside all summer long. By programming your thermostat to a specific schedule, you can save money while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. When you use a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to track your energy usage, see where your consumption is coming from, and make adjustments that will reduce your utility bills. Smart thermostats can also be controlled remotely, so you can make adjustments to your home’s temperature no matter where you are. While the majority of your pool party is likely to take place outside, you want guests to be comfortable inside your home too.

Remember to remind your guests not to stay in the sun for too long. Prolonged sun exposure can be a safety risk, as it can lead to sunburns and even skin cancer. Offer your guests sunscreen and remind them to apply it regularly. You can also provide hats and sunglasses to help protect them from the sun’s rays. Umbrellas are another way to provide shade, or to create a space indoors for guests to retreat to if it gets too hot outside. Just be sure you have options available to keep everyone at your party protected.

Pool parties can be a ton of fun, but they need to be planned carefully if you want to have the best possible experience. You can start by making sure you have a place for your party and plenty of recreational activities for guests to enjoy. Space to entertain is always key, and additions like sliding deck covers can create more usable space in your pool area. Don’t forget the drinks and snacks, nobody has a good time at a party when they’re hungry. Comfort and safety need to be addressed too. Indoor space where guests can relax out of sun and resources for skin protection are an essential part of any successful pool party.