Becoming a new mom is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. Becoming a parent is also one of the most life-changing events you’re likely ever to experience. From learning to pump while holding a baby to doing chores while breastfeeding, which can be made a little easier for every mom with a hands-free pump bra, there’s a lot to learn and experience.

One of the things that many moms struggle with is planning financially as a new mom. Both before the baby arrives and in the first few weeks, after your little one is born, you need to be preparing financially for the future.

While you were expecting, you stocked up on everything that you and your little one would need. From bottles, formula, and diapers for him, to a bra to help contain your expanding body to searching online for the best pumping bra and breast pump you could find from Simple Wishes, you planned for your baby to come home. Now, it’s time to plan for the future with your little one by following the tips below.

Determine your saving’s goal.

In between trying to fit back into your normal bra and regular clothes, learning about hands-free pumping, and how to put breast shields in your nurse bras, there’s much to be done. However, as time goes on and your child grows, you’re going to want to have savings that reflect the things you want to do for him.

It’s best to determine your savings goal early on. Whether it’s to start a college fund or save the money to purchase a new home, when considering how much to save to become a new homeowner, it’s best to save for your down payment and get the best monthly payment you can by having a good credit score. If you’re already a homeowner and are short on your savings goal, you can check into a home equity line of credit through your lender. It’s best to use a reliable home equity calculator to see how much of a home equity loan you can get and how much your monthly payments would be first, however.

Add your little one to your health insurance plan.

While it’s not unreasonable to think that your health insurance provider will contact you or automatically add your newborn to your health insurance plan, that’s not how it works. You’re going to have to call, and then fill out the paperwork to have your baby added to your health insurance, or the baby will not be covered for doctor’s visits or sicknesses that could happen.

Create a household budget.

Raising a child is expensive, as any parent will gladly tell you. That’s why it’s important to create a household budget that includes the baby’s needs as well, as soon as you can. Ensure that the budget is one you can easily stick to, so you don’t get frustrated and forget it a month in. Diapers, food, clothing, and childcare expenses can add up quickly.

When combined with bills like mortgage payments, food, electricity, and other necessities, it can become overwhelming before you know it, so a household budget will certainly help keep you and your little family on track. If you need help with creating a household budget and meeting your saving goals, many places have financial advisors willing to help you.

These are just a few financial planning tips for new moms you might want to follow as a new parent. From setting a savings goal to creating a household budget, these tips will help lower your stress levels and get you prepared for the future.