For any homeowner, turning their existing residence into a dream home may seem like a difficult process. Somehow, basic upkeep and maintenance always become the top priorities. If you’re a homeowner just now moving into a brand new house for the first time, the best way to customize the space to reflect your unique preferences is to simply work with your contractor on the decision-making. However, if you’ve been in the same home for a while, you may not be sure where to begin when it comes to home upgrades and renovation projects. Luckily, there are many ways to assemble a realistic project checklist for transforming your residence into the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Whether you have a large family and are looking to enrich their enjoyment, or seeking to increase curb appeal and your home’s value, there are renovations for every budget. With a few consultations with contractors and interior designers, as well as your own creativity, you can truly make your house a personal statement about who you are. Here, we will look at a few of those options for transforming your house into your dream home, and some creative ways to make that dream a reality.

Working From the Inside Out


The single most popular home renovation for any homeowner is a new kitchen. Am ambitious kitchen remodel can literally transform your existing space into a “dream kitchen,” and can include small alterations or larger, more expensive work. With the smaller options, you can do much of that work on your own. Looking through magazines and websites for kitchen design ideas is always a good starting point. However, a truly effective kitchen renovation will take both form and function into account.

While you work on bringing your favorite interior design aesthetics into the project, you may want to consider swapping out your kitchen appliances for newer, modern technologies. Many professional kitchen designers will tell you that investing in energy efficiency and your utilities are a sure-fire way to increase your home’s value, while also adding a modern sleekness to the room. Many new kitchen fixtures, faucet taps, and stainless steel refrigerator units are specifically designed for better energy consumption and convenience.

If you decide to focus some of your new kitchen concepts on the appliances, another great way to control your family’s energy efficiency is with a small ice machine. No matter what time of year or season, having a portable ice maker can allow you to use the refrigerator’s ice functions less often, giving you additional manual control over the room’s energy and electricity use. Selecting kitchen accessories for responsible energy efficiency can also go a long way in retaining your household’s overall value. In addition, picking your new appliances as a first step can help you narrow down your choices for new cabinetry and countertops. When you eventually reach that stage, however, it’s a good idea to run the size and model designs by your professional general contractor to ensure compatibility. This basic rule of thumb is equally important if you’re also considering a new bathroom design, especially when it comes to the tiles and the bath design itself.

Your Dream Patio and Backyard

While a new kitchen or bathroom is a popular project among homeowners, many will admit that their outside living space is also in need of some fresh ideas. As you work your way outside with potential remodel projects, first consider if you may be due for some new windows. Since your backyard will first be seen by guests through the existing windows, this is another worthwhile investment. A great way to start is to consult a window installer, such as Kentwood house windows, and inquire what modern motifs might fit with both your indoor and outdoor designs. Starting with your home’s windows can help you visualize which specific additions your backyard or patio might truly need.

If you ask any homeowner with a large family what is the single most desired “dream” addition to the backyard, the odds are they would love to install a swimming pool in their backyard. When considering a pool installation, there are many options available. Like interior additions, form and function both matter. For example, does your backyard have enough space for the new pool, and will that dictate the size of the pool? Does your deck accommodate easy access to the pool, or will you need a separate pool deck for required safety regulations? All pool owners or pool builders will advise you to conduct the proper due diligence when shopping around. This also applies to the type of pool, as an in-ground pool has different space requirements than an above ground pool does. Pool cost may also fluctuate between vinyl pools, concrete pools, and gunite, as well as the type of pool liner. Keep in mind that no matter what pool type you choose, there’s no pool that’s entirely low maintenance. For both longevity and safety, regular maintenance is key. Plus, if space is a serious concern, your dream house could benefit just as much from a more space-efficient hot tub.

Backyard Finishing Touches


Whether your budget allows for swimming pool installation or not, beautifying your outdoor landscape has its own rewards. Your backyard can benefit from a patio and various hardscapes for many reasons. For example, a fire pit or outdoor dining area can provide just as much space and as many entertaining options as a pool. Plus, the available custom designs for outdoor additions can truly reflect your home’s interior motif. Considering outdoor additions that both look great and have multiple functions can be a worthwhile investment, especially towards your home’s potential resale value. In addition, an outdoor dining area can be used during each season, meaning your backyard’s enjoyment won’t be solely relegated to the summer months.

Regardless of whether you opt for outdoor additions, hiring a tree trimming service and landscape professional or arborist with years of experience can be a great investment in itself. Many homeowners forget that simply keeping the yard, foliage, and garden looking pristine can prevent the home’s exterior from showing its age. If you’re looking for reputable palm cleaning and tree removal, it’s worth inquiring for a free estimate, as well as ideas regarding new garden additions and landscape designs. While your overall budget may not allow for large-scale home renovations, your exterior space can still present your house as the dream home you’ve always wanted.