There’s a reason that infidelity is the inspiration behind so many hit singles—it’s an emotional process. Even so, you don’t have to unleash your inner Carrie Underwood in its aftermath. So keep your Louisville slugger packed away and, instead, set yourself a different goal: get the most effective revenge by moving on after being cheated on.

Be okay with being upset.

After busting a cheater, you’ll face a slew of emotions. As you do so, remind yourself that this is entirely normal and, after what you’ve been through, something you want to feel. This is a significant transition, no matter how necessary it might be. You’re a good person, and it’s normal for a good person to feel bad when something bad happens to them—including discovering you’ve got a cheater on your hands.

Erase all signs of your ex.

You’ve gotten rid of the cheater, but that’s not the end to the unwanted items. It’s time to start the junk removal process and get rid of your cheating partner or spouse entirely! Search for the best junk removal service Denver or any other city has to offer and clear the clutter the cheater left behind. You deserve to enjoy your space and take advantage of all the newfound freedoms your home and self have gained.

Create a strong support system.

As vindictive as you might be feeling at this stage, you’re still going through a major transition. To do so, take advantage of the people who are still at your side—and, unlike the cheater, deserve to be there. When your friends or family members offer their support, let them be there for you to lean on.

Remember that you aren’t to blame.

At any stage in the aftermath of learning your now ex-partner was cheating, it’s all too easy to slip yourself into wondering whether you did something wrong that led them to infidelity. Within abuse situations, there’s a concept known as blame shifting, where the abuser attempts to escape being at fault by condemning the victim. The same idea is common where cheating is concerned and, just like a survivor of abuse, you are not to blame for the other person’s actions.

Prioritize your own well-being.

Ariana Grande had the right idea in that second verse of “Thank U, Next.” After leaving a not-so-great ex, there’s nothing quite like doing your own thing. Only you know the best way to go about this. One person might host a backyard bonfire, throwing their ex’s excess belongings in the blaze. Another might head out for a night on the town and, if the opportunity arises, take full advantage of a one-night rebound. There’s no right way to get over a cheating ex—the only thing that ultimately matters is whether your chosen method works for you.

Consider professional help.

If despite your best efforts, you’re still struggling in the aftermath of catching the cheater in question, you might want to consider professional mental health care. If this situation has had a severe impact on your mental well-being, there’s nothing wrong with getting the help you need.

After learning your now-ex is cheating, you’ll face an inevitable whirlwind of emotions. Nevertheless, there’s no question that you can and will push through this, coming out the other side better than ever. It might not be the very next day or even over the next few weeks or months, but the good news is you’ll almost always emerge better than ever after kicking a cheater to the curb. So let yourself grieve the relationship you thought you had, take time for friends and focus on yourself, and take advantage of whatever coping mechanisms or emotional support you need to see you through the recovery process—just try to avoid keying their car along the way.