Every year, tens of thousands of people leave Europe for the United States in pursuit of the American dream. Oftentimes, those emigrating to the U.S. find themselves setting up shop in New York because of the litany of opportunities for work at their disposal. There are a few things to keep in mind when gearing up for a move across the Atlantic, allowing you to get settled in while making sure you’re settling down where you want to be.

Explore Neighborhoods


New York City may not be vast when it comes to square footage but with a population of over 8 million, there are neighborhoods found in the nooks and crannies of all five boroughs. Within the confines of New York state, this expands to small towns that allow for more room and for you to become more in tune with nature. Before making the move from Europe, be sure to explore New York to figure out what will attract you to an area as a prospective renter or homeowner.

Give yourself time to take in the sights and sounds of neighborhoods, being sure to see what these New Yorkers have to offer in terms of your likes. You may want to look into counseling services that could give you an idea of what these areas may have available. If you’re moving to New York to take on a new job, you’ll want to consider what’s in range for a reasonable commute. This changes slightly if your primary residence is in NYC, as most of the boroughs are easily connected by mass transit.

Gain Fluency


Coming from Europe, English may not be your first language. While you may have some understanding and fluency of the language, you may want to hone your skills a little bit. You may want to look into the services of Belatone, the only language app that lets you practice with native speakers around the clock while also helping your fellow learners grasp a new language. Belatone’s services allow for real dialogues through conversation, helping to build an understanding of language and dialect each step of the way.

Rather than relying on a tutoring service, apps like Belatone allow you to control the pace at which you learn a new language. This program is also designed to allow you to teach your primary language to others who may be looking to pick it up. You can actually create a partnership within an online realm to teach a New York native to speak fluent Italian, while they help you better understand the nuances of the English language.

Consider the Cost of Living


It’s important to understand that the cost of living across New York State differs by region. The biggest difference in pricing comes between upstate New York and downstate. New York City has one of the highest costs of livings in the United States. This is due to an additional city tax on top of state and federal. Renting in NYC usually requires a security deposit along with the first month’s rent with a monthly payment after that to cover the cost of apartments, homes, or condominiums.

If you’re looking into homeownership, you may want to evaluate mortgage options in New York. Coming from Europe, you may be able to accrue some assistance from the federal government if you are working on a visa or seeking U.S. citizenship while you’re stateside. Be sure to consider what’s affordable for your circumstances to become a homeowner. Work with financial institutions abroad and stateside to finance the purchase of a house. Bear in mind, a fixed-rate mortgage will offer some consistency in your budgeting, seeking a low-interest rate to help you save as you set up shop in the U.S.