Nearly 30 million men in the United States struggle with erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, recent advances in telemedicine have made ED medications like Viagra and Cialis widely accessible. ED has many underlying causes like high blood pressure, diabetes, and problems with the nervous system. For this reason, erectile dysfunction medications may not be suitable for everyone.

Suppose you have suffered from serious side effects after taking certain prescription medications. In that case, you may be looking into alternative options like BlueChew. So, what is the difference between brand name ED pills and BlueChew, and how does BlueChew work?

What is BlueChew?


BlueChew is an erectile dysfunction prescription available to men through a telehealthcare subscription service. The company specializes in creating chewable compounds of the active ingredients found in commercial erectile dysfunction medication. These ingredients are known as Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

BlueChew’s compounded treatment method was formulated for men who cannot tolerate the commercial treatments on the market today. Since BlueChew is created with the same active ingredients as big brands like viagra and Cialis, it is also an excellent option for people who want to avoid an in-person consultation with their medical provider.

How does the subscription service work?


Unlike many subscription services, BlueChew operates by quantity instead of on a fixed monthly basis. For those who only plan on occasional or specific usage, BlueChew is an excellent solution. Sildenafil is available for purchase in monthly quantities of either 6, 10, 17, or 34. Tadalafil subscriptions operate on a similar basis.

A consumer can choose between a monthly amount of 4, 7, 14, and 28 ED pills. Each of these forms of medicine is compounded into the form of chewable tablets. To start a subscription, you can begin by scheduling a free online consultation. Once you have decided upon a treatment plan, your medication will be shipped directly to your address in discreet packaging. The cost of shipping is included in the monthly subscription service fee.

How much does BlueChew cost?


Since your subscription price depends on the quantity of ED pills you need, the price fluctuates from person to person. You will be able to get a solid monthly price quote during a free consultation once you have discussed your individual needs. If your treatment plan includes SildenafilSildenafil, you can choose between 30mg and 45mg strengths.

For example, a 30mg, 6 tablets monthly subscription plan will cost about 20 dollars per month. If you opt for the 45mg tablet, a six pill monthly subscription will cost 30 dollars per month. Tadalafil prices are similar but come in different dosages and quantities. A monthly plan that consists of 4 tablets at a 6mg dose will cost 20 dollars per month, whereas a four tablet, 9mg dose will cost 30 dollars per month.

The first thing to do when considering a new treatment regimen is to consult with your doctor. Everybody is different, and it is crucial to ensure maximum safety and efficacy before taking a new ED medication or supplement. Drug reactions and possible side effects should be discussed before you commit to any treatment plan. Speak with your doctor about any underlying medical conditions before starting ED medication, especially if you have never taken ED medication before.

Telemedicine laws vary from state to state. If you live in any of the following states, you may not be eligible for BlueChew’s online subscription services. Alabama, North Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, and South Carolina do not yet allow the use of BlueChew. Although BlueChew uses the same active ingredients as Cialis and Viagra, they have not yet been approved in chewable form. For this reason, pharmaceutical and telemedicine laws prohibit its distribution in those states.