Keeping cool during the hot and unforgiving summer months is its own kind of art form. Just one short season ago, you were fondly looking forward to the blazing summer sun and all of the warm love it had to give. The next thing you know, you’re just trying to find the best way to keep yourself from overheating. You’re probably seeking refuge in places that can offer you the comfort of cool air while you daydream about your next visit to the slushy machine. Well, fear not—we’ve pulled together a few highly effective and easy ways that you can make sure you keep cool during the summer. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be fun.

1. Enjoy a Netflix marathon at home.

Netflix continues to keep its countless subscribers well entertained with a relentless onslaught of high-quality television. It seems like every other day, there’s a new series released on Netflix that just demands you watch all of it as quickly as possible. Well, it’s high time to cave in to that temptation. You’ll want to make sure that you have your air conditioner in optimal health, though. There are plenty of ways to tell if your AC is inefficient this summer. If you feel like you’re regularly confronting mountainous electric bills while not even using your AC that often, it’s time to get an HVAC technician to come through for an inspection. You should make a habit out of having an HVAC technician come through your home for an inspection at least once a year. Regular maintenance is at the core of every homeowner’s foolproof plan to keep cool during the summer. The last thing you want to deal with is an air conditioner that’s gone on summer vacation when you’re just trying to relax in the home that you work so hard to upkeep. work so hard to upkeep.

2. Break out the slushies.

The traditional slushy is an ice-cold beverage that most anyone can enjoy regardless of their age. Especially during the summer, it can feel like you’re drinking from the literal fountain of youth as you drink down a slushy. Your best bet is to look into renting your very own Slushy machine in Long Island. You can also even consider investing in a margarita machine for the adults. Every great time seems to start and end with an ice-cold margarita. Plus, the cold beverages will work wonders in terms of helping keep your core body temperature low. Just make sure that you keep everyone in your home properly hydrated. You don’t want to find yourself inadequately hydrated when it’s already scorching hot outside. Your body’s working hard enough as it is to keep all systems functioning at optimal levels.

3. Experiment with cold showers.

We completely understand the fact that warm showers are inherently therapeutic after a long day’s work. But, the thing about a warm shower during the hot summer months is it’ll only make your mission to stay cool that much more difficult. So, start mixing up your shower routine with cold showers. Cold showers are being actively celebrated in the health and wellness communities across the globe for their multiple health benefits. You’ll stand to enjoy health benefits like improved circulation, elevated mood, and even increased energy levels and focus.

With that, we’ve covered a few very effective and easily adoptable strategies for staying cool during the hot summer months. You’ve already taken a mindful step in the right direction just by reading through this list. Now it’s all about putting these tips and tricks into practice so that you can enjoy this summer more than all the hot summers before.