COVID-19 has stressed nearly every industry across the world. As travelers contemplate how safe it is to move around, hotels and resorts have been in over-drive inspecting hotel hygiene policies and creating solutions that prioritize health and safety at all times. Hotels around the world are adopting the industry-established health and cleaning guidelines to resume operations, with many going above and beyond the accepted recommendations. Take a look at some of the changes you can expect to see the next time you enter a hotel or resort.

Travelers will notice changes upon arrival.


Hotels and resorts are focusing on identifying all points of high contact that require extra cleaning. Eliminating key touchpoints starts with the cleanliness of airport lounges and transfer cars. Travelers will notice more frequent airport transfers accommodating fewer passengers to reduce contact. Many hotels have suspended valet services, while others have implemented vehicle disinfecting procedures between drivers. Travelers will also be responsible for opening their own car doors and carrying their own bags, as many hotels have suspended bell-hop services.

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It’s not your grandmother’s lobby.


Social distancing measures require the use of hand sanitizer, wearing a mask, and keeping a six-foot distance. Many hotels perform a wellness screening and temperature check on guests at the front door before they can enter the lobby. Don’t be surprised to find the front doors missing major touchpoint handles and to be handed personal protective equipment in place of a welcome drink. Guests will find hand sanitizing stations every 50 to 100 feet, social distancing signage throughout the hotel, and floors marked with pedestrian flow.

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Brace for a more minimal stay experience.


Hotel rooms will have a more minimalist design and may look a bit bare. Any items that are difficult to disinfect—decorative pillows, bed skirts, notepads, pens, and pamphlets—will be absent from your room. The minibar may also be missing and be replaced with personal safety kits including masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes. Some hotels present pillows, blankets, and in-room tablets in sealed vacuum packaging and have implemented single-use preventative sleeves on remote control devices.

Guests will notice a big change in housekeeping services. Unless guests are staying for multiple nights and request housekeeping services, cleanings will be done after guests check-out. Some hotels wait 24 to 72 hours to enter a room and thoroughly clean it. There will be a focus on sanitizing high-touch points, including door handles, faucets, light switches, remote controls, thermostats, and hangers.

Communal spaces and activities will see restrictions.


Most hotels and resorts have either closed sports and recreational areas or operate at limited capacities, such as the number of guests in the pool. Hotels are requiring guests to make reservations to use amenities such as the pool, spa, or gym. Guests may also be introduced to in-room fitness options in place of fitness centers. Hotels that do allow the use of bikes, beach chairs, or sun umbrellas have strict sanitization practices in place.

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These are some of the many updates that travelers can expect the next time they book a stay at a hotel or resort.