Several people are stuck in a routine lifestyle that makes them dream of living more freely with a good dose of adventure, sunshine, endless beaches, and more fun. Therefore, it’s no surprise that some people relocate to great islands like Hawaii to experience the serenity and beauty of island living. Life in this island paradise has several perks that attract many people, evident by Hawaii’s 5.2% population growth between 2010-2015.

However, several realities rob the island life of its spellbinding appeal, making it just like any other place on earth. Therefore, it’s prudent to seek out information about island living to determine whether it’s the best fit for you and your family. Below are some helpful insights about life in an island paradise.

You can’t escape home maintenance.


Unfortunately, escaping to an island paradise won’t exclude you from having to maintain your home. You’ll still need to undertake essential home maintenance practices around the house if necessary, just like homeowners in boring locations countrywide. Hopefully, many of these projects will be DIY, allowing you to polish your skills and save some cash on repairs. Expect to encounter popular maintenance issues like HVAC repair or installation, roof repairs, electrical issues, water damage, among others.

Also, expect occasional appliance repair since common household appliances will likely break down from time to time. The need for appliance repairs anywhere necessitates skilled repairers that can provide top-notch services to maintain and repair your home appliances. Experienced appliance repair companies such as Honolulu Appliance Repair Pro can help with these concerns.

Honolulu Appliance Repair Pro provides professional appliance repair services Honolulu Hawaii. They offer a wide range of maintenance and appliance repair services to clients on the island. Some of the home appliances they repair include dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, freezers, among others. Their expert repairmen have extensive experience in appliance repairs and deliver professional services irrespective of the problem’s nature or the appliance’s brand. What’s more, Honolulu Appliance Repair is noted for its efficient and courteous repair services, delivering affordable and quality services to Honolulu residents for several years.

Numerous opportunities for outdoor fun.

It’s no secret that the lure of fun and adventure is one of the most significant pull factors for relocating to the Hawaiian islands. People who want to escape the humdrum of everyday life look forward to fun outdoor activities like rafting, plane rides, diving, and surfing as part of their island experience. Luckily, these hopes aren’t dashed because several outdoor activities on the island undoubtedly appeal to fun lovers. Surfing is perhaps Hawaii’s most indigenous outdoor activity, as the history books credit Hawaii with surfing’s invention around the 4th century.

Consequently, you can expect to find many clean beaches with the appropriate waves for surfing. Living in the islands might also be an excellent opportunity to learn surfing, and taking surfing lessons for beginners from quality surf instructors will undoubtedly be necessary. Good local surf schools such as the Ohana Surf Project can help with this need.

Ohana Surf Project is a surf school that provides beginner surfers with comprehensive beginner lessons that guide them from riding small waves to becoming advanced surfers. Their surf instructors teach the basics of surfing and ocean safety to new students to get them started. Also, their instruction caters to intermediate surfers and different experience levels and learning styles. Ohana Surf Project can also help advanced students perfect proper techniques, ditch bad surfing habits, and surf more giant waves. What’s more, they have different learning options ranging from private surf lessons to group lessons. Their dedicated instructors also remain committed to their goal of helping students enhance their total surfing experience through smart instruction.

Breathtaking natural beauty.

Hawaii is widely touted for its breathtaking beauty for several good reasons. Nature is at the heart of the island’s geography, making picturesque locations abundant all across the island. Consequently, you can expect to have a field day every day with your camera as you navigate daily life in Hawaii. Rainbow-colored beaches, reef fish found throughout the island, whale watching, and other beautiful scenes are sure to feature in many of the photographs you’ll take of nature in Hawaii.

Safe storage of these precious memories is vital here, as you may want to share some pictures with family members, your closest friends, and some of your favorite people. Personalized cloud services such as IBI photo manager are perfect for needs like this. IbI is a smart photo manager that comes with 1TB storage, allowing you to back up your devices like cell phones and laptops, social media platforms, and any other cloud accounts you choose.

The cost of living is high.

The island life might look simple on paper, but the high cost of living in Hawaii is one harsh reality that you certainly can’t escape. Hawaii is one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S, irrespective of which island you choose to inhabit or how much you downsize. Hawaii’s high living cost is mainly due to its high demand as a travel destination all year round, leaving little land for development.

According to some Hawaiian realtors, a nice house in a nice area will cost you at least $1 million due to the local government’s investment in more condos for foreign millionaires. Also, groceries cost about 50% more than in the rest of the country, and mainland dwellers pay a whopping 70% less on utilities than island dwellers. Gas prices, restaurant costs, and other expenses are exceptionally high, so you should expect to pay significantly more for every service as an island dweller.

Limited access to healthcare.

According to several reliable sources, access to healthcare is sometimes challenging for many island residents. The state’s major cities have decent options, but residents in the more rural and secluded parts of the country endure long drives or catch flights to cities like Honolulu to see doctors. Patients requiring specialized care due to certain injuries or illnesses experience nearly double the stress of healthcare access. Also, the number of doctors in Hawaii is small, so getting appointments may take longer than usual, making island life not conducive for people who have frequent medical emergencies.

In conclusion, island life has many benefits that make it attractive to many people. However, as with any other major life decision, it is prudent to weigh the pros and cons of living on an island to determine if it’s the best fit for you and your family.