The restaurant industry is gradually starting to function after a hiatus forced by the pandemic. With the easing of lockdown, now might be a great time to start your new business. There’s a sea of options to spoil you for choice, from a rooftop bar with amazing views to a mobile food truck catering private events. And settling on one can be as daunting as managing the startup business to success. Here’s a guide to know what type of restaurant to open and why.



A bar is a perfect spot to serve great food and beverages. It’s also the most common option for restaurant entrepreneurs. However, many of them add several features to differentiate their brand and services from the stiff competition. Bars are key stakeholders of nightlife cultures globally. But what if you shifted the experience to daytime serving pancakes with other comfort food and brunch options?

A rooftop bar, for instance, can give you that restaurant ambiance coupled with the flexibility to serve whiskey and craft beers. The best rooftop bars worldwide are all hotpots for several day-party events, primarily because of the best views. Imagine having the best Washington DC rooftop brunch bar! It means your crib won’t be a place for just burgers, mimosas, and other breakfast specials. Many people will troop in large groups to enjoy panoramic city views and spectacular sunsets.

Food Truck

As a budding entrepreneur seeking to give the restaurant business the first-time try, starting with a mobile van can be a great option. It comes with relatively lower risks and equipment options. Generally, getting new equipment for a new restaurant is no easy task. And the situation can be worse for old food trucks that require fixtures and other equipment items. You’ll need extensive renovation to pass the approval process from your local authorities.

But here’s some good news for starting up your small business. If the trailer doesn’t come with a kitchen set-up, you can leverage several restaurant equipment loans for your food truck business. Restaurant equipment financing is gradually increasing in traction. Today, restauranteurs have several flexible equipment financing options to reduce the amount of money spent on initial costs. They see it as a financial solution to scale the drawbacks of heavy startup costs.

Delivery-Only Restaurant

The United States has a growing fast-food culture. The growth is expected to increase as the increasing work-from-home system reduces time and appeal for home cooking. Consumers want to function as they enjoy their foods. So, starting a delivery-only restaurant can be a good idea. With this idea, you can get the flexibility on existing kitchen stuff from home once it is healthy and in good condition. That way, you can save on the need for a new stove and dishwashing equipment for your new restaurant.

Farm-to-Table Restaurant

Getting a financing company for your startup can be a daunting task. Investors are looking out for how entrepreneurs can offer blue-ocean solutions at competitive rates to gain market advantage. If you’re seeking rapid financing for your restaurant business, you can check out some farm-to-table restaurant ideas.

Catering services in the United States alone generate millions of dollars worth of food waste every year. Many food lovers are also increasingly joining the “less junk food” consumption debate. A farm-to-table restaurant idea can be the best way to leverage this opportunity. It allows consumers to cook only what they can eat and reduce the downside of the growing fast-food culture.

Veggie Restaurant


When discussing vegan restaurants, non-vegans do not often think of delicious food. The perception of chewing bitter leaves and drinking potions is what they consider even before the benefits of going vegan. Because of this, many established vegan brands market to only vegans. But you can take vegan restaurants to the next level. Using creativity to design custom recipes and menu choices can significantly attract vegan and non-vegan consumers.