Welcoming a new pet to the family is just about as exciting as it can get for a kid. Kids are all tireless little balls of energy themselves, and it can get lonely without having someone else in the family to play around with. Well, that conundrum is quickly and easily resolved when you throw a puppy, kitten, gecko, snake, or any other animal friend in the mix. Kids are just magnetically drawn to animals. In a kid’s eyes, it’s as if their favorite stuffed animals have magically come to life.

The truth is that there’s never been a better time to consider getting a pet than for your kid’s birthday, instead of throwing a birthday party. Due to the Coronavirus, many of us are isolating ourselves and families in safe quarantine caves. The last thing anyone is trying to do is throw a party and play any kind of part in an uptick of more recorded Coronavirus cases. So, swapping out the party this year for a new pet instead is the safest, most socially conscious move to make. Let’s take a closer look at getting a pup or a gecko for your kid’s birthday is a great idea.

Your kid will have a new friend to read with.

We all know that kids love their picture books, and can oftentimes be seen reading them out loud around different parts of the house. Well, when you bring a pet on board, kids have a new, loving, nonjudgmental friend to read to. In fact, education professors learned recently that kids’ stress levels are lowest when they’re able to read to pups, reptiles, or other pets, which can translate to more frequent reading activity, and ultimately more success back in the classroom. This makes sense, as it can be intimidating reading to other people when you’re just figuring out how all those crazy words work! You’ll be surprised and delighted to see how much your kiddo likes reading to their new pet lizard or favorite pooch.

They’ll have a new adventure buddy.

Getting a new pet for your kid will provide them a newfound partner in crime for all the adventures that they get into around the house. It’s like them having a new sibling, but you won’t have to worry about these two “siblings” getting into any ridiculous arguments. Or, maybe they’ll have a new friend to take on walks. Just make sure you get your kid set up with the best dog harness for pulling if the pet you opt for is a new pup. Dog owners should always opt for a front-clip harness — whether they have a pup or a big dog. No-pull dog harnesses are safer if your pooch is a puller since they keep any breed of dog from having that extra pressure on their trachea that can easily occur on a walk. Not to mention you’ll keep your kid from getting dragged around all over the place by an inevitably overexcited puppy that just wants to get their nose into everything.

Your kid will be able to show off to friends.

In these difficult times, many kids have been forced to do their schooling from home. This has forced many kids to adapt to a completely different mode of socializing with their peers. Many hangouts and catchups are taking place in the virtual world of Zoom and FaceTime nowadays.

It’s weird, but at least we have something to keep the social circles afloat until we’re on the other side of this Coronavirus storm. With that being said, getting your kid a new pet will allow them to show it off to all their friends the next time they do a catchup call. Consider an unusual pet, like the Tokay Gecko — a lizard that’s visually stunning and genuinely cool. These geckos’ most popular color scheme is gray with bright blue and yellow spots. So awesome! Just make sure that you help your kid with getting the Tokay Gecko comfortable in its new environment. They can be skittish and antisocial at first, but as long as you gradually get them warmed up to being handled by humans, they end up being very loving creatures!

Your kid will enjoy the pet more and more.

A new pet for your kid is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether your kiddo is taking their new pooch out on their no-pull harness or reading to their Tokay Gecko, the experience of learning how to care for a new pet is an educational, humbling, and invaluable chapter in anyone’s life. In fact, kids who learn how to care for pets are able to cultivate healthy nurturing skills that’ll serve them whenever they become parents, later in life. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with taking your pick of the frugal birthday party ideas. However, bear in mind that, while birthday parties come and they go, getting your kid a new pet is a great option for a birthday kid who deserves something special. Making your kiddo a pet owner will be something that only gains greater value as time moves along. They’ll have so much fun, they won’t notice that they had a frugal birthday party this year or made their own cake. Any kid would be lucky to have a pet to keep them company during this difficult time in history!