So, you’re ready to open up your salon — congratulations! This is incredibly exciting to have your shop open for business, and we can’t imagine all of the work you’ve done to get to this point. While we applaud you for your effort thus far, we also want to encourage you to do a quick check and make sure that you’re really prepared. Here are a few things that you absolutely need for your salon to be a huge hit.

1. Styling Chairs

Arguably, this may be the most important essential you’ll need for your salon (with the exception of hair products!). Of all the salon equipment you’ll need, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have furniture (such as comfortable chairs) for your customers and visitors to sit on. More importantly, they’ll need a styling chair for them to sit in while they’re getting serviced.


Keller International is a company that specializes in salon chairs and salon equipment. This salon furniture company has everything you could ever need for your salon: barber chairs, reception chairs, dryer chairs, hairdresser chairs. All of their luxurious salon chairs come with a hydraulic pump for easy use and a footrest for your customer’s comfort. Plus, they look amazing. Need we say more? Right now they’re offering free shipping (no minimum order required) on spa equipment, so head over to Keller International to get shopping.

2. Gel Kits

Gel polish has been a very popular nail polish in this industry. In fact, if you haven’t had a nice gel manicure before, stop reading and go soak those cuticles. Gel polish is even being included in pedicures as well these days! To keep up with your customers’ demands, stay ahead of the game and keep a gel nail kit readily available. Fortunately, we have the perfect company that can help you with that: ManiMe.


ManiMe is a DIY nail company that creates nail kits for customers to use for home pedicures and manicures. Featuring this new product at your own establishment as a salon service is a great way for beginners to learn about gel manis and pedicures. Their kits and nail accessories are available for an affordable price, and there’s a variety of gorgeous colors and designs to choose from. Their gel pedicure kits would make a great addition to your salon! Visit ManiMe to collect your new products.

3. Oil Diffusers

Beauty has never smelled better. Your nail and hair salon should create an inviting environment for your stylists, customers, and visitors. A great way to set the ambiance is to ensure that everything is smelling delightful. Oil diffusers are an efficient way to guarantee a nice-smelling space.

Oil diffusers are similar to adapters — you simply plug them in and let them work their magic! There are several essential oils you can choose from for the scent of your salon, such as peppermint, lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, and orange. Having an oil diffuser running in your salon is an essential touch that will definitely make your services stand out.

4. Complimentary Drinks

What’s better than getting your hair done with a cool, delicious drink in your hand? Hair and nail salons are such a hit because the services really do leave customers feeling pampered. Oftentimes, these beauty shops offer complimentary drinks, such as wine, margaritas, soft beverages, and fruit-infused water to their customers while they’re getting serviced. Not only does this add a nice touch to their business, but it may even put visitors at ease. Taking the chance on a new style of perfect hair or a glitter manicure can be a little nerve-wracking and these complimentary drinks will relax your customers.

5. Salon Decor

Your salon will pretty much be your home-away-from-home, so be sure to dazzle it up! There is so much you could do to set the scene in your shop. Add wall art and prints that reflect the life of a stylist, paint the walls with an exciting color scheme, place plants and flowers strategically around the shop. Your salon is a reflection of who you are, so have some fun with styling it up.