Relationships are so full of love and romance. Whether you and your significant other have been together for a few months or several years, you are constantly looking for new activities to do together and fun date-night ideas. Just because gender stereotypes say the boyfriend usually takes you out, that doesn’t mean that’s the way it has to be. It may be time to reverse the roles. Your boyfriend enjoys a great, romantic evening between the two of you and you’re going to plan a perfect one.


When you really love someone, you want to give them the world. You want to show them just how special they are to you. Planning a romantic night can be an opportunity to do just that and to reconnect with each other. Whatever you end up doing, it will be special because you’re getting to spend time together. As you’re looking for ways to create a great night of romance, here are just a few tips for planning the perfect night for your boyfriend.

Take care of all the planning.


How many times have you been caught in a conversation that sounds like this: “What do you want to do?” “I don’t care, what do you want to do?” “I don’t care, what do you want to do?” and so on and so forth. It can be frustrating to plan something when nobody wants to make up their mind to settle on one activity. One of the best gifts for your boyfriend is simply planning a fun evening out and taking care of all the details for him. Make a reservation for his favorite restaurant, buy tickets to a show you know he’ll enjoy, or plan an outing to do his favorite activity. Taking control of the planning will help you both enjoy your time instead of wondering what to do next.

Decide to dress up a little.

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, especially if you live together, you’ve reached a certain level of comfort with the other person. He’s seen you right when you wake up, when your hair is a mess, when you’re in baggy sweat pants. The look you probably wouldn’t wear to a first date. For a romantic night together, it can be nice to decide to dress up a bit. Pull out that fancy scarf or a nicer cocktail dress. Obviously, the activity you’re doing will affect your wardrobe, but it can be incredibly meaningful to put in that extra effort. Look your best and feel your best. Show your significant other that they are worth the world by dressing up for your romantic evening.

Choose activities with him in mind.


Depending on your relationship, the two of you may have very different ideas of what constitutes a romantic evening. He may be happy going to a bar to watch a football game, going to play a round of golf, or grabbing a pizza and eating it at home. Whereas your idea of romance may be a candlelit dinner and seeing a movie. When you’re planning a nice evening, keep both of your preferences in mind, whatever they are. Romance really is a state of mind. You don’t need to do the traditional lovey-dovey romantic night with a steak dinner and rose petals lining the bedroom. Maybe both of you want to go go-karting or play laser tag for the evening and end the night at a casual brewery. Go for it! Sometimes the simple gifts for your boyfriend are just activities you know he will enjoy that you can do together. If you make an evening that is personalized to the things you both like, it will be absolutely perfect and romantic in its own way.

Plan for what happens at the end of the evening.

If you play your cards right, there’s a good chance your romantic evening could end in the bedroom. Be prepared for that part of the night as well. Try the best panties for each body type to put you in the mood and make you feel radiant and sexy. Little surprises like that can help elevate your sex life and allow you and your partner to connect on a deeper, more romantic level. Maybe this is a great time to try something new or just enjoy time together. Either way, it’s a great way to end a perfect, romantic evening.


Depending on where you’re at in your relationship, you may be interested in growing your family. In that case, your sexy time at the end of the night is even more special. For couples trying to conceive there are extra tips for you in the bedroom to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Women should be tracking their cycles so that they know when they’re ovulating and try to plan around that.

Bring the right beverages.


A romantic evening wouldn’t be complete without your favorite alcohol. When you’re cozying up, pull out that nice glass of wine or create a special cocktail just for the two of you. Or when you’re out and about, order a bottle of champagne to celebrate your love. Having a few drinks can really make the evening more romantic and lovely.

A night in can be just as romantic.

There is a myth that the best way to have date-night and romance is by going out somewhere. But you can enjoy just as much romance, if not more, right from the comfort of your home. Plan a great night in. Stream a romantic movie, pop open that bottle of wine, or share a bath together. Sometimes the place where you feel the most like yourselves is right in the comfort of your own home, so it’s great to take advantage of that and just enjoy some time together at home.

Take a short trip.

If staying home isn’t your speed, maybe it’s time to make your night out a little longer. Go on a short trip together. Exploring a new town, city, or space can be a great excursion for you to leave the real world behind. Even a cabin or Airbnb somewhere can be just the spark you need to reignite the fires of romance.