Few places are more personal than your bedroom. Too often we neglect our rooms and allow them to become a place of clutter, without realizing that this is a habit that will only contribute to stress. By treating your bedroom as a sanctuary, you will create a space that inspires restful sleep, creativity and a grounded life. From organization and custom bedding to personal touches and indoor plants, these tips can help transform your bedroom into a lush sanctuary.

1. Customize your bedding.


Mostly, you’ll be sleeping in your room. Therefore, the first element to transform in your room is your bed. Make it an ideal place for relaxation, comfort, and sound sleep. Start by choosing a mattress size and firmness that is appropriate for your body’s needs and the space of your room.

From color and patterns to the style and material of pillows, sheets, and duvet covers, spend time carefully customizing your bedding. Do you want soft, neutral tones? Or are you someone who is drawn to a brighter color palette? Are you the type of sleeper that craves a warm, heavy down comforter, or do you prefer light, airy sheets? After you’ve answered these questions, you can move on to the fun part: shopping! Sometimes it is challenging to find something that fits your tastes, so consider purchasing customized bedding. Whether you need custom bedding in Rochester, NY or are based in LA, look for some luxury bedding collections to create your dream bed that you’ll look forward to falling asleep in each night.

2. Create a peaceful ambience.


Creating the right energy in your room is a crucial step in transforming the space into a calming, peaceful and rejuvenating haven. To develop this atmosphere, reflect on what creates this energy for you. Soft, ambient lighting can help create a calm atmosphere ideal for evenings and early morning. If this is your vibe, opt out of a bright light and instead go for lamps. Drapery can also help block out early morning sun so that you can sleep longer.

Adding elements of nature is another way to transform your bedroom. You can add potted plants around the room, which will help breathe fresh air into the space. Maybe keep a vase of fresh cut flowers on your nightstand. Or if you prefer something longer lasting, add small succulents or bonsai trees, which require minimal care. If you have the space, a tall palm or tropical plant, such as a fabian aralia, in the corner of the room is a great way to bring the calming effects of nature inside your room. Aralia fabian care requires direct sunlight and enough water. This tropical plant is recognized for its flow of positive energy, love and calm and can provide the perfect touch.

3. Keep it simple and organized.


If you only follow one rule: keep your room simple, clean and organized. Don’t overcrowd the space, which will in turn leave you feeling overwhelmed. Always opt for minimalism if you can. If you’re looking for tips about how to best achieve a space that doesn’t feel overwhelming and that works with both your personality and design aesthetic, consult Feng shui, an Eastern energy philosophy, for some inspiration. Tips such as decluttering and minimizing electronics in your bedroom will also help contribute to maintaining it as a sanctuary.

4. Dedicate a non-sleeping corner.


Think of your room as more than just a place to sleep. This space can be one that rejuvenates and inspires you. Dedicate part of your bedroom for a non-sleeping area and make it a true haven for yourself. Maybe you want to create a Zen corner where you meditate and do yoga. Perhaps you want to add a comfy chair in the corner or big throw pillows and a comfy rug as a space for journaling, reading and drawing. Make sure this corner doesn’t interfere with the energy you’ve created for the entire room.

5. Add personal touches.

For some final touches in your room, incorporate a few personal details. Add a favorite candle or incense that reminds you of home. Keep calming essential oils, such as lavender and lemongrass, on your nightstand. Decorate with a few treasures you found abroad on your travels, from decorative pillows to a wall hanging. Hang up a piece of art or photography that inspires you. These elements can truly bring the room together and transform it from a calming space to one that is truly your own, a sanctuary you can retreat to for rest and inspiration.