A lot of women make the mistake of viewing menopause as the end of something. Between hot flashes, hormone changes, issues with hair growth, dizziness, and more, they get caught up in the negatives that come with this normal life change. Between juggling hormone therapy and wondering if they should get laser treatment on facial hair, many women forget that menopause is the beginning of something, too.

Instead of thinking of menopause as an ending to something, what would it be like to view it as the beginning of something new? The negative effects of menopause will always be there but the positives are just beginning. From no more menstrual cycle to the opportunity to repurpose those empty rooms as an empty nester, menopause brings with it a chance to reinvent yourself.

If you’re struggling with the negative effects of menopause and hope to get past that to gain a new lease on life, read on.

Embracing Where You’re At


Before you can tackle plans for a new and exciting chapter of your life, it’s important to know where you’re currently at. Maybe you’ve just started to feel the symptoms of menopause or maybe a blood test says it’s coming soon. Consider taking a premature menopause quiz or something similar to figure out where you’re at and best prepare for what’s ahead.

The more self-education and research you can do on menopause early on, the more likely you are to feel confident as you navigate side effects and symptoms. Gathering tools like a list of support groups, knowledge on things like hormone replacement, and more could be important down the road.

Formulating a Plan


Once you know menopause or early menopause is here, take a look at your symptoms and come up with a plan. For some women, doing research on things like ‘is removing hair with a laser safe?’ is the best way to feel empowered in a situation they don’t have a whole lot of control over. When thinking of a plan, don’t forget that there’s more to life than your menopause symptoms either.

Look at your life as a whole. You’ve come a long way since becoming an adult. Maybe you’ve raised children, bought a house, gone to college, or completed a travel bucket list. Make a list of the things you’ve done so far and what you would like to focus on now. Having a plan for this next chapter will make a big difference in your attitude about menopause in general.

Making Big Changes for the Future


Why not view menopause as a brand new life phase instead of something related to the word old? If you think about the future and ways to save for those bucket list items or retirement adventures, you’re sure to feel better. It’s time to take control. Think about new ways to spend your free time, like joining the RV life, converting a camper, traveling the world, and more. Soon enough, your friends will be calling you for advice on creative ways to spend their next chapters.

Before you take those calls, do yourself a favor and learn how to figure out who called you. You’ll want these golden years to be peaceful, and setting good boundaries around your dreams and goals is the best way to ensure it happens. It’s your life and your next phase of living can start now!

In the end, whether you take a blood test to check hormone levels, sign right on up for laser hair removal treatments, get with a support group of women with years of menopause experience between them, or find new ways to deal with side effects of meds you’re on, the way you experience menopause is in your hands. While you can’t control the discomfort or a serious adverse effect of menopause, you can choose to view it as a means to an end. In thinking of menopause as a new beginning and a new chance to start an exciting new phase of life, you’ll be one step closer to happiness and a life you’ve dreamt about for years.