M&M’s have definitely upped their game in recent months. You’ll see Creepy Cocoa Crisp M&M’s back in stores for Halloween, of course, and brand-new sugar cookie-inspired M&M’s will be in stores Christmas. But when it comes to choosing one favorite type of M&M, no one can decide.

Now, after years of fans complaining that they have to buy multiples of their favorite flavors, M&M’s has revealed a new product: M&M’s Mix!

M&M’s Mix Means Triple the Fun

M&M’s Mix combines all the best types of M&M’s in one snackable package. It looks like the mix packs will come in two blends to start: Classic and Peanut. Each blend will have THREE different types of M&M’s in one bag.

  • Classic includes, you guessed it, the original milk chocolate M&M’s along with fan favorites peanut and peanut butter M&M’s.
  • Peanut will have three different types of peanut M&M’s: Milk Chocolate Peanut, White Chocolate Peanut and Dark Chocolate Peanut. Needless to say, we’re nuts about this combination!

The M&M’s Mix packs will be available in the Share Size for $1.99 and the even bigger Stand Up Pouch for $3.99, so you can share them with friends (or keep ’em all for yourself, we won’t judge).

Psst: Did you see what Reese’s added to their peanut butter cups?

When Can We Get Them?

Unfortunately, these delicious M&M’s packs won’t hit shelves until April 2021. But on the upside, they’ll never be taken away from us—unlike most of M&M’s new releases, which are seasonal, M&M’s Mix will become part of the brand’s permanent lineup. Plus, you’ve got a chance to win a year’s supply on M&M’s Twitter and Instagram!

Until then, head to the kitchen to make your own M&M’s snack mix at home.

The Absolute BEST M&M’s Cookie Recipes

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You’ll never have to choose between milk chocolate and peanut butter M&M’s again.
The post M&M’s Is Making New Mix Packs with THREE Flavors in Each Bag appeared first on Taste of Home.329649, Food News, New Products