For many couples, sex is a vital part of their relationship. However, after several years or even decades together, your sexual interactions may start to feel boring or stale. Nobody wants that at all. Intimacy is meant to be special, fun, and exciting no matter how long you’ve been with that other person. If you find that your sex life is in need of a little rejuvenation, it may be time to start doing a few things differently.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to sex. You and your partner know each other so well, so it may seem that there isn’t much to still explore. Sex can feel like a chore or worse, you could stop having it altogether. Find a way to reignite that spark and get excited to please your partner again. Explore the best ways for you to improve your libido and enjoy these special, fun moments no matter how long you’ve been together. Here are some suggestions to rejuvenate your sex life in a long-term relationship.

Look for healthy ways to improve your pleasure and your orgasms.

When you engage in sexual activity, you’re looking to have a good time and feel great. For many people, this results in an orgasm or a climax. As you get older, you may have trouble having great orgasms or lasting as long as they may have in the past. Especially for men, there is pride in your semen volume and how to cum more. If you want to have a bigger load that lasts longer, you may want to try natural solutions to improve semen production with a better diet and exercise. There are also supplements that can help you hold a longer erection and increase your sperm count. Be sure you always consult a doctor before trying any of these medications. Overall, the best way to improve your orgasms is to communicate with your partner and prioritize your pleasure.

Reinvest in your relationship on an emotional level.

Sexual performance is often connected to emotional intimacy. If you find you and your partner are not connecting on a sexual level, consider trying to revitalize your relationship on a deeper level. Try a romantic getaway or start couples counseling. Or do both with an intensive couples retreat where you and your partner can start fresh and get to know each other in new ways. At, you can find information on this intensive retreat in New England. Take three or five days to refocus on your relationship and spark a new connection in your sex life as well.

Try something new.

It’s easy to get stuck doing the same things in the bedroom over and over again. Light up that spark by trying something new. Test out a new piece of lingerie, introduce some toys into the bedroom, or simply explore different sensations. Open yourselves up to experiment and see how that benefits your arousal in new ways.

Engage in intimacy that isn’t always sexual.

Getting intimate with your partner doesn’t only happen during sex. Look for ways to engage in small intimate moments every day. Hold hands more often or spend some time simply cuddling on the couch. You’d be amazed at how much closer you’ll feel after these simple interactions.

Open the channel of communication during intimacy.

Initiating sex can feel intimidating and incredibly vulnerable. The key to feeling that connection is true communication. Share your feelings and desires with your partner and be open during intimate moments. Build that trust between the two of you so you can feel comfortable exploring new things and adding a new spark to the bedroom.